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80 Team Dynasty College Theme (40 Expansion Start Up) PPR IDP (1 Viewer)


    This league had a very successful very 1st year.  We have decided to expand from 40 teams to 80 teams.  The ad is for the expansion 40 teams and also we have 2 orphan teams (Miami Hurricanes and West Virginia Mountaineers) from last year we are looking for fill  

This is a high scoring, and large roster dynasty league.  This is a  College Football Theme league.  This will be a 90 round vet draft and then right after a 10 round rookie draft. 

Draft order will be random through MFL for the vet draft, and the rookie draft will be opposite order of the vet.  So if you have the last pick in the vet draft you'll have the 1st pick in the rookie draft.  The draft will be a snake draft.  

Theme (College Football)
*This league will have 5 Power Conferences with 2 Divisions in each Conference.   The expansion side will be an additional 1 Division in each Conference added to the original Conference/Division
  ACC, B1G 10, BIG-XII, PAC-12, SEC
*Conference Championship Brackets
*8 team National College Football Bracket
*6 Major Bowls (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Peach, Fiesta) Brackets
*2 Minor Bowls (Cigar, Fruit) Brackets
*1 16 team Toilet Bowl (Optimist Bowl) Bracket

League Highlights
*80 teams (5 Power Conferences with 2 Divisions In Each Conference) (16 teams per Conference/8 teams in each division)
*1 player copy per division (Can only trade with your division)  (This might change in the future to trade in Conference, but was turned down this year) (If this does change then the division will be realigned like the real NCAA Conferences).
*90 active player roster spots
*20 TS spots will be an extension of the active roster
*10 IR spots for IR/Suspended players
*Pure dynasty with no contracts (Keep the players as long as you want if you have room for them)
*Off-season and In-season waivers blind bidding
*High Scoring...IDP players are very important  In this league
*Full IDP
*Dynasty league PPR
*Annual rookie draft
*$50 dues yearly but $100 will be the dues for the 1st year of the expansion teams (Paid for 2019 and 2020)
*NFL pick and Survivor Pools
*New League College Ranking System                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            *We will be using Slack as our communication and chat.

The expansion will be initially on a different MFL site that will be created just for the expansion.  After the expansion draft is done then all rosters will be imported to the current league and tied in with the other teams.  The initial invite will be with the current league and the new draft site will be created after the league is filled with league invites sent there also. 

This will be a very deep roster league. Please read through everything to make sure this league is for you.

We also have 2 current teams that are open (Miami Hurricanes, and West Virginia) with their 2019 dues paid for.  If anyone is open to taking over those teams this year, those dues are paid for for 2019 already.  The only draft involved for these 2 teams are the rookie draft this year in June.

League Link below.

I think I have covered everything.  If you have an interest or questions please let me know PM or email at recruitingcoop@gmail.com


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