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$90 ESPN 10 man league drafting Wednesday 09/04 Snake (1 Viewer)

Up to 7. Need 3 more. Lets get this baby filled! We will use League Safe to handle money. If interested, email me and I will get you any info you need. Thank you!

6 teams make the playoffs. Payouts not in stone yet, but I am thinking $425 superbowl champ, $200 superbowl runnerup, $125 to highest point scorer or best record regular season (have not decided yet), $10 per week, highest scorer, and $20 toilet bowl. Payouts based on 10 teams right now. Shoot me your email if you are interested. joemetiva@aol.com.

Getting a ton of interest. Lets lock this this down. I will run the league for years so it will be a good one! Thanks!

Need 1 more guy to get this to 12 guys. Need join and pay as soon as possible. Need to get set by 8:00 Thanks!


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