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911 - need 3 to help me kick a cheater out of an awesome league (1 Viewer)

OK, here's the deal, we've got a 20 team salary cap dynasty league (details in a minute) that had 4 orphans.  It's a pretty complex league, with lots of deep level management options, that's something only a true fantasy nerd would enjoy, but definitely not for the casual player.  We advertised, and a guy joined the league, then said his dad and friend wanted to join too.  OK, cool, we said.  The first thing I realized is that none of the three really understood most of the rules.  We went through our offseason contract period, where teams set up their player contracts, and not only did none of these guys really understand the rules, it was hard to get in touch with them by email to help them correct their mistakes.  Then I started noticing when they did email, or submit their contracts, it was often within minutes of each other.  Then we went through our Free Agent Auction...again, they didn't understand the parameters, and were making bids beyond their salary cap, etc,  Again I started seeing bids coming in from more than one of them within minutes of each other.  When I cancelled one of their bids because they couldn't afford the player and were just running the price up for other teams, then sent one of them an email telling them to stop.  They bid again.  When I canceled that bid, one of the other 2 bid.  Now we've entered our pre-season trading period, and the last straw has been reached: One of the teams sent a trade offer to the other giving up Mahomes for Goff and the offer was accepted in the same minute it came in.  Nope.  That's it.  I'm done.

But here's where I need some help from 3 of you guys....I need 3 new owners in a hurry.  Making the issue worse, it's the kind of complicated league that only the most hard core fantasy player will enjoy, appreciate, and be able navigate - there's just a lot of moving parts.  And then, on top of all of that, most of the offseason moves this guy has made to the three teams cannot be undone (because it would cause a ripple effect to the other veteran teams)....however, all three are good solid teams (one was last year's runner up) and they haven't really damaged the rosters, it's just that any coach that takes them over now, missed the chance to set up their own contracts and be part of the auction.

Annnnnnd there's one more thing making it complicated..... remember I said we had 4 orphans?  Well, a guy joined the league after them, and took on a real trash team as a rebuilding project, and in return, we only charged him a $10 entry fee (regular entry is $60).  For fairness, I would have to give him first option on these three teams when I kick this cheater out, so that means one of the available teams might end up being a $10 rebuilding challenge.

I know there's 3 of you out their willing to help me put this scumbag cheater out of the league.....email me, please, or respond below and I'll get back to you quickly.  Here's the original ad I ran:

The AFFL is a 20 team USFL Tribute League and it won't be everyone's cup of tea - if you're looking for just a simple fantasy league, this definitely is NOT for you.  BUT, if you're looking for the deepest, most involved, full team management ff experience, you need to check this league out.

This is a dynasty/salary league with too many features and details to mention - 

Salaries based on a mix of individual players' prior season scoring and market demand for that player, and also includes a salary cap with cap penalties and signing bonuses

Starting Line-Up: 1 offensive super-flex, 4 offensive flex, kicker, punter, kick returner, 5 IDP flex

Position management is handled with position minimum/maximums at the full roster level, which gives individual teams a wide range of options for starting players by position.  That, in turn gives teams the ability to use multiple strategies for how they want to build their team

Scoring is highly customized and designed to mimic a player's real world value a lot more accurately than standard ff scoring and is set up so that player value is more closely related to performance than to position

In other words, defensive studs are just as valuable as offensive studs and a mediocre QB (for example) is not going to be nearly as valuable as a stud at some other position

You can check out the Full Scoring Rules at this link

You can also check out our 2020 Scoring Revision Report for a detailed explanation of all scoring values and numerous charts and graphs detailing how the values were put together and showing the parity of scoring across the various roster positions

New this year are Contract Rules allowing you to put some of your players under long term contracts to lock their salaries in place

The contract rules are deep, including options for length, type of salary structure, managing the distribution of salary payments across the multiple years of a contract, extensions, franchise tags, restructuring and an offseason free agency period - just like the NFL - conducted by a long-running, 30 day online auction where you can steal players from other teams if you're willing to pay those players more and sign them to a better contract

These new contract rules are extensive, with too many features to list but they offer more control over your individual roster than any league out there

You can view the Contract Rules at this link

Other Features include:

Trade Counter Offers - so that teams can wiggle their way into a trade deal between two other teams

Draft Day Trading

Home/Away scheduling with home field advantage in both the regular season AND the playoffs

Divisions Realigned EVERY season by realignment draft to insure year to year parity of competition

Self-Scheduling - teams can schedule their own out of division match-ups each year (like in the NCAA) to establish and maintain rivalries

Off-Season Trading

Extensive Stats kept and tracked

A full 12 month League Calendar of activity - extensive off-season management events means you won't spend long hours through the spring and summer waiting for the fantasy season to return because you'll be busy managing your team

And much more....check out our League Page and also our League Rules at these links

This league is set up so that teams can find success through a wide range of management strategies - focus on building EITHER an explosive offense OR a smashmouth defense OR go for a balanced approach; go all in big to try and win right away or dig in for the long term.  It's not a league for the casual player, BUT if you're a real fantasy nerd looking for an intense, full-management league, you've just found it.

The AFFL is hosted on MyFantasyLeague with a $60 entry through LeagueSafe (covers hosting fees and buy-in) All entry fees (after hosting fees) are paid out - Payouts awarded to 1st-6th place AND also to regular season points winner and single game high score

The available orphan teams include rebuilding projects as well as immediate contenders.  You can check out each team's existing roster at the League's MFL Roster Page and see their draft position on the League Page  Available franchises are:

Gamblers -$60 (last year's runner up)

Gunslingers -$60

Panthers - $60

Express - $10 rebuild project


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