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96 team Superflex league. $100 buy in (1 Viewer)


The 2019 season is officially underway on MFL. What better way to kick it off than a massive 96 team league.

The purpose of this league is to be themed after adult beverages. Team names can be anything that deals with the adult beverage industry. Thus, giving a theme to the league rather than the randomness that will come with 96 different owners. The league will be setup in a manner in which owners will have 95 other teams to trade with. There will be 6 copies of every player in the MFL pool. Teams can not own multiple copies of a player. This league will also use Victory Points. A Victory Points system is the best way to assure that the better teams still get rewarded each week regardless of their opponent. 

96 teams playing a 12 week regular season with 4 weeks of playoffs

25 roster spots with five taxi spots and five injured reserve spots during season

Superflex, Multiple (6) Player Copy, Victory Points 

8 starters:
1-2 QB
1-5 RB
1-5 WR
1-5 TE

0.75PPR with 0.05 points for return yardage

Draft order determined by Potential Points 

Annual FAAB budget of $1000 is given on league start and lasts 365 days

League Annual Fee: $100



Let me know if interested or have any questions.


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