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9th Annual NFL Playoff Suicide Pool - 2012 Playoffs (1 Viewer)



1. Pick any players you want in your starting lineup. Your starting lineup consists of 6 players, 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 PK.

2. Once you have picked a player, he is not eligible to be picked again for the rest of the NFL playoffs. So you only can pick a player once. The site should remove players you have already used for you but ultimately it is your responsibility to watch for that.

3. The winner of the pool is the one who has the most cumulative points from the 4 weeks of playoff games (Wild Card, Divisional, Conference, Superbowl games)

4. There will be a weekly winner of highest points for each week. Amount yet to be determined but most likely $20-40 per week.

5. Scoring rules are located here: http://football18.myfantasyleague.com/2011/options?L=33854&O=09

6. League fee is $40 CDN ($43 if sending by PayPal to cover all fees, if sending by Interac deposit then you have to pick up the fees). Your fee for your team is expected to be in by the first game this weekend, or at least notification given to me that you have sent it.

7. Prize money will be determined by the end of Wild-Card weekend once I know how much the total collected is. Looking at top 5 places paid out as usual but this could change. In 2010, based on 48 entries, the payout was the following:

1st $960

2nd $450

3rd $140

4th $70

5th $40

Weekly Prize $40 per week

8. If there are any situations that arise that are unexpected, I will consult with 4 other experienced fantasy owners to make a fair decision. I should include that in the 8 years we have ran this pool there's never been an issue but just in case, you should know there is a procedure in place. The decision by us 5 will be final.

Email me at bmanhas@gmail.com or private message me and I will send you an invite.


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