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9th yr NFL Keeper,1 opening $50 (1 Viewer)


Pricing $50.00 X 12 teams = $600 - $150 site cost = $450 prize fund.

Rosters 1QB,2RB,2WR,1RB/WR/TE,1TE,1K,DEF TM,9 BENCH.

Draft is extended draft of 12 rounds.


Prizes 1ST-$250 2ND-$125 3RD-$50 Best record regular season $25.

Each year owners keep 3 players and acquire 4 players in arbitration.

For complete rules and roster available email eyescreamsports@hotmail.com

Active league with owners that likes to trade.

You have a host that charges 25% of your league fees. Switch to MFL and I think your whole league will be very happy. I switched my league 3 years ago and everyone loved it.

e-mail sent. My league investigated switching from CBS to MFL, and almost unanimously voted to stay at CBS. Live scoring doesn't compare


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