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A band, group or singer you HATE but with a twist. . . (1 Viewer)


In other threads, all across this board you may or may not have professed your undying hatred for a band but that is not this thread.  In this thread you may profess your hatred all you want but you still must list at least ONE song you like or even LOVE from that band which you despise so much.  If you don't, you shall ever be labeled a pos jerk with your FBG status tarnished and if I possessed God like powers I would have your post stricken or better yet a point removed from your reputation.  I will start it off.

I graduated HS in 86 and one of the most popular bands was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  I'm going to be honest, I don't know enough about him nor his band to know if my song is a solo or part of his band including him.  Anyway, I HATED the boss with a passion, not personally, just his voice.  I could not turn the station fast enough if Born in the USA or one of his other massively popular songs came on the radio or one of his videos popped up on MTV.  I've never been a fan, never bought an album, never a single, a download from iTunes, a concert, a shirt, a sticker or anything.  In fact, to my knowledge, the man has never received a dime of my money, not that he needs it but still, there you go, it's always been my way of protesting what has been clear to me as one of the worst voices my poor ears have ever been inflicted with.  Again, it's nothing personal, I don't know a thing about the man, I just cannot stand the sound of his voice, it is fingernails on a chalkboard to me.  And I could never understand how someone from Jersey could sing rock songs with a country, twang-ish, accent that sounds like someone raised on a farm in Arkansas.  

However, he does have one song I not only listen to but I actually like quite a bit and that is "Tunnel of Love."  I'm pretty sure the first time I heard this song it was on MTV so I even like the video, I listen/watch it from time to time on the Youtubes.  I think one of the big reasons I like the song so much is the guitar hook solo in the middle, it's really well done and he's not singing.  I still think it would have been a much better song with someone else (who can actually sing) doing the vocals but nonetheless there you have it.

Next, whatcha got?

I do not like the Dave Matthews Band. I like the song Two Step.  
In a similar vein, I used to hate Dave Matthews but then a buddy dragged me to concert. 2 step acoustic with Tim Reynolds is now one of my favorite songs and there’s a few others that I’m good with too. Basically a number of their songs where he’s not doing that stupid sing-songy version of singing like sHE WAkes up IN THe MORninnng. 

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The first two bands that come to my mind are Rush and Kiss. They are just awful but...

Rush- Tom Sawyer

Kiss- Detroit Rock City

I do not like the Dave Matthews Band. I like the song Two Step.  
I had a cube neighbor at work that went to a ton of concerts.  He never missed a Tool, Ween, or DMB concert.  I think back then he had seen DMB 45 times.  He'd try and push those 3 bands on me every day.  Tool I started to like pretty quick.  Dave, not so much, but I'd listen to Two Step, then I'd find another one that I liked, then another.  I don't think I ever listened to a studio album, which helped.  I think I've been to 3 concerts, which is a lot for me.

Ween, I still don't care for.  I told him that every time he tries to play Ween around me, the next time I'll be playing Linkin Park around him.  

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

AC/DC - All Night Long

Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero

Mariah Carey (oops, couldn't come up with anything good)

ProstheticRGK said:
I hate AC/DC. But, i do like that one song of theirs that sounds completely unlike all fo their other ones. Crap, I can't remember the name of it...

because it's a trap. Every AC/DC song sounds exactly the same.
Ride On (which is awesome) would be their one song unlike the rest of their catalogue. 


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