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A Different Kind of Super Bowl Pool (1 Viewer)


The Super Bowl T.R.U.M.P. Game.

Formerly known as the “Super Ridiculous Pool”, this is now re-christened the TRUMP Game, in honor of one Mr. Donald Trump.

The Totally Ridiculous Ultra Math Playoff Game, or T.R.U.M.P. Game for short, is easy to play but hard to win.

The rules are simple.

Pick a number. That’s it. One number. Can be 1, can be a billion. It’s up to you.

One winner. Closest to the right number wins. In the event of two (or more) players picking numbers equidistant (the same amount away) from the winning number, there will be a split winner.

The number you choose will be compared to the total for the Super Bowl XL on February 5th, 2006.

How do you get the total? It is simple.

Take the points scored by any player. Multiply those points times his jersey number, and that’s his score. Add all the scoring players’ scores to arrive at the total.


Super Bowl XXXIX -

New England 24, Philadelphia 21

Player - Points - Jersey - Score

Givens - 6 - 87 - 522

Vrabel - 6 - 50 - 300

Dillon - 6 - 28 - 168

Vinatieri - 6 - 4 - 24

Player - Points - Jersey - Score

LJ Smith - 6 - 87 - 522

Westbrook - 6 - 50 - 300

Lewis - 6 - 28 - 168

Akers - 3 - 4 - 12


So a winning score would have been the number 2016. A guess of 2000 would likely have won you the prize.

The game gets more difficult with increased numbers of players (more numbers / ranges covered) AND you must pick a number in secret, lest other players will try and box you out, “The Price Is Right” style. That is, if Player 1 picks 2000 and Player 2 knows that, s/he can choose 2001 and block them out of anything above 2000.

So – that’s it in a nutshell.

Now for a more interesting description of the game. Let’s ask Mr. Trump – shall we?

“The T.R.U.M.P. (Totally Ridiculous Ultra Math Playoff) Game is going to be H.U.G.E.. Highly Unlikely Guessing is Encouraged – think big.

The game will work on A.P.P.R.E.N.T.I.C.E. rules. Candidates will Accumulate Points Per Roster Entries with Numbers Totaled Including Crazy Events.

Winning candidates can watch the game in one of my fabulous C.A.S.I.N.O.s where Contestants Add Scores In Numerical Order.

If you Cannot Handle Any Passes To Eligible Receivers wearing 7, 11 or 13, this may not be for you. You may even wind up going B.A.N.K.R.U.P.T. by Betting Any Number that’s Kooky, Resulting in an Ultimately Poor Total, but you can always try next year.

Think big and good luck candidates.”

Thank you Mr. Trump.

Contestants, here are some of the players on each Super Bowl team, Seattle and Pittsburgh. They are listed for either handling the ball a few times in the playoffs this season or for scoring points for their teams in the regular season.

Grab your calculators, think hard, and good luck.

Seattle Seahawks

No Name Pos

37 Alexander, Shaun RB

3 Brown, Josh K

84 Engram, Bobby WR

18 Hackett, D.J. WR

83 Hannam, Ryan TE

8 Hasselbeck, Matt QB

82 Jackson, Darrell WR

87 Jurevicius, Joe WR

20 Morris, Maurice RB

86 Stevens, Jerramy TE

38 Strong, Mack FB

Pittsburgh Steelers

No Name Pos

16 Batch, Charlie QB

36 Bettis, Jerome RB

34 Haynes, Verron RB

8 Maddox, Tommy QB

83 Miller, Heath TE

11 Morgan, Quincy WR

39 Parker, Willie RB

82 Randle El, Antwaan WR

3 Reed, Jeff K

7 Roethlisberger, Ben QB

22 Staley, Duce RB

86 Ward, Hines WR

85 Washington, Nate WR

80 Wilson, Cedrick WR

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For the record...

My number is 1521.

I pick Alexander (37), Randle-El (82), Stevens (86) and Bettis (36) to each get a TD.

I also pick 4 FG by Seattle, 3 by Pitt.

So that's (37+82+86+36)*6=1446.

Kickers both wear #3, so that is (7*3 + 4*1)*3= 25*3 = 75 points.

1446+75 = 1521.

Dude, no offense... but WTF... why so much complexity on something so random.
The actual answer is that my wife used to be an actuary - which is like a math major with a job :) .For those of you who know one, you'll understand. If not, think about math geeks and sports - but not knowing what fantasy football is.

There ya have it.


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