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A. Jones (@CHI) or D. Williams (vs LAC) (1 Viewer)

A. Jones (@CHI) or D. Williams (vs LAC)

  • D. Williams (vs LAC)

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • A. Jones (@CHI)

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters


PPR League. 

Classic "start your studs" vs. not decision.

* A. Jones @CHI -- Horrible, if not the worst matchup, Jones could have. Chicago just shut down T. Gurley, is at home, and looking to beat up on GB.


* D. Williams vs LAC -- Ware is doubtful now. Looks like D. Williams will get the lion's share of the carries with possibly C. West active. Scored twice last week. Should be a high scoring game. And with T. Hill banged up, S. Watkins out, and the LAC being exceptional against TEs (i.e. Kelce), Williams could surprise with upside.



I voted Williams as I am avoiding GB players wherever I have decent options.  I benched Rogers for Lamar Jackson, for example (although I am starting Davante Adams somewhere else as I have limited options there.)

Please help with my RB quandary.  Thanks!

KC beat writer now saying C. West is going to be active and get 8-12 touches. Hmmmm. Risk of A. Reid really messing around here.


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