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Per roto world, danorris searcy is on the roster bubble and the bills depth chart has Aaron Williams as starting safety. This position has been a fantasy gold mine. Anyone know what we could expect from Williams if he is indeed the week 1 starter?

I would like to see a bit more info on this too. This is interesting news (and is corroborated by a couple of Bills sites/fan boards I have looked at today), as I assumed Searcy would just lock up the job. I think Williams is less of an 'in the box' type safety than Searcy, so maybe his fantasy upside/tackle opportunity will be a little lower than if Searcy won the SS job. But it's all about getting on the field and it looks like Williams will be able to do that, behind a group of LBs that I think has a few question marks.

I know the history of that position is good, but I don't know if there's elite DB1 type upside with Williams there. I could see strong DB2 numbers, and I think Jene suggested in his preseason notes article today that he could be a Manning/Jenkins/Quin type. That's not all that exciting, but it's enough to take a shot I think, as that's a pretty good floor, with possible potential for more (and good value for a guy you might roster as a DB4/5).

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I read somewhere that he would have been the top rated safety in the 2011 draft if he wasn't converted to corner. I believe he will excel at the position and not be the liability in coverage Searcy would have been. Im buying where ever I can beofre the lid gets blown off.

Could this mean that Scott is moving back to play more safety snaps?
No. Scott is a LBer now. In fact, there's a decent chance that Bradham will be suspended soon and Scott will be the starter at ILB.

The Bills drafted 2 rookies at Safety that they like and those guys might pass Searcy on the depth chart.

As for Williams, he has looked very good at safety. His coverage skills weren't quite good enough at CB mostly because of stiff hips. That's not an issue at safety. He plays the run pretty well too. He has adapted much faster than most people anticipated.


Williams is now listed as the starting SS, with Searcy backing up Byrd at FS.
NFL.com's Ian Rapoport reports Bills FS Jairus Byrd has been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.
It's an injury Byrd can play through, assuming the foot doesn't tear. Byrd recently met with Dr. Robert Anderson. The fact that he does not need surgery after that trip is positive news, but he's going to have to play through pain in his contract year. Byrd is making a fully guaranteed $6.916 million in 2013

not good for Bryd
I'm still not sure what to think about Williams - it seems like he'll have the opportunity, but I get the feeling it won't be a slam dunk that he'll put up really good IDP numbers. Right now I'm leaning more towards rostering Ihenacho.

If say that week 1 Byrd will miss and you will see searcy my and Williams take the field. Being it will be against a top offense that is how they will decide who starts beside Jarius Byrd. I went with searcy listed as corner on ESPN since he was productive and looked to win the spot but now it's up for grabs. Wish I would have grabbed him and Williams lol

Bills signed S Jim Leonhard, formerly of the Saints.
It's an indication FS Jairus Byrd (plantar fasciitis) may not be ready for Week 1. Leonhard was part of the Saints' final cuts. The 30-year-old is familiar with Jets DC Mike Pettine's system after playing for him with the Jets.

I bet Byrd is going to miss a couple of weeks, right now the only guy I would feel comfortable with is Williams
Jene any updated info on the Buffalo situation? Byrd unlikely to play this weekend. Where does that leave us at FS and SS? Will Searcy step in and play SS and Williams at FS? Anybody have any thoughts on whether Williams has any value at SS? How is his tackling?


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