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Active IDP league needs to replace an order (1 Viewer)


We would like to invite you to check into The Insane Asylum.

We have a great group of very active owners - our league had 100 trades last season.

$60 annual fee

16 teams with 19 total starters each week.

5 man taxi squad.

We give contracts from between 1-4 years and each team has both a franchise tag and a transition tag to use each year.

Unique scoring that has been used in this and a similar league for over 7 years.



Open team
Our league payments for the 2014 season is due on January 18th and we already have 10 guys paid in full with 8 of those guys already paying 1/2 of the 2015 fee so they are able to trade 2015 draft picks.

Any questions either reply here


while on our league site just send email using the:

Communication --> email commissioner

You ready to go crazy in 2014?


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