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Adalius Thomas (1 Viewer)


New England's win over Buffalo Sunday came with a significant loss.

Linebacker Adalius Thomas, who has started all nine games for the Patriots and is tied for the team lead with five sacks, suffered a broken left forearm in the first half of the Patriots 20-10 win, according to sources. The sources believe the injury is likely season ending.

"It's not good. He's probably done [for the season]," said one source.


Not sure who took his place, Pierre Woods and Gary Guyton both had stats.

I was at the game it was Woods who came in. Guyton is an ILB and gets looks in the nickel and to spell Bruschi or Mayo. Alexander (special teamer mostly) will get some time there and they have a FA Vince Rudd on the practice squad who was in camp this spring/summer. He got LOOKS in the preseason and they seem to like him. Size is more like Thomas 6-6 260. Don't think any of replacements has IDP relevance especially in NE!

They went with a lot more 4-3 looks in the second half with Jarvis Green getting the call. They moved some of the DL around but it looked like Seymour played some DT in the 4-3 when Green came in. Wright also got some looks at NT (usual to spell Wilfolk) but also as a DT. With BB it is tough to figure if that was scored dictated (up 10-3 and 13-3), best chance to win, or trying to "keep guys fresh"...

When they want 4-3 it was Woods, Bruschi/Mayo ( Mayo in rotation and on passing downs), and Vrabel at LB. So this MIGHT actual hurt Mayo a little if they go more 4-3. Keep an eye on it. I will since I have Mayo!

A bit ironic but this week’s front page on their web site has Thomas sacking Favre from earlier this year.


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