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Add Corey Davis, drop.....who? (1 Viewer)

viking fan

Standard PPR, 10-team, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex league

Current Roster:

  • QB - Murray
  • RB - Jones
  • RB - Carson
  • RB - Edmonds
  • RB - Drake
  • RB - T. Williams
  • WR - Evans
  • WR - Cooper
  • WR - Hopkins
  • WR - Chase
  • WR - Higgins
  • WR - Shenault
  • WR - Thomas (IR)
  • PK - Bass
  • DEF - NE
Thinking of dropping Shenault for Davis due to status on team and volume but I'm on the fence and curious of thoughts of others.  Thanks in advance.



I would keep Shenault, He may be the WR1 on a team that might need to throw a bunch, I would actually see Kenyan Drake as expendable. Kenyan Drake In a shoot out(his favorable game script for pass catching ) w/ Jacobs ill did not really flash and he prolly will never break into the starting lineup. 


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