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Add Treadwell /Jackson in Dynasty but cut...who? (1 Viewer)


I'm looking towards next year and trying to improve my long term team.  I have a slight chance of making the playoffs in the final week but I'm otherwise not looking like a contender.  

 10 Team PPR dynasty league 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1 W/T, 1W/R 1 W/R/T  K, DEF, 2IDP and 13 bench spots w/ 2 IR spots.

F/A  are Lequon Treadwell, Justin Jackson, John Kelly, Richie James. 

My team is high on young talent and I trust the Waldman's RSP.   

If you took any of the above players:  Who and also who would you cut from the following roster:

QB: Wilson, Watson, Mayfield

WR: RWoods, Lockett, Jeffery, DJMoore, Sutton, Pettis,  KCoutee, CGodwin, C.Kirk, Devante Parker, M. Goodwin.   MVS

RB:  Elliott, Chubb, Freeman, Robert Jones II,  N Hines.   D. Guice IR.

TE: Kelce, Goeddert, H.Henry-IR. 

I would like to improve RB depth and I think Jackson could come onto people's radar for a playoff run with Gordon and an ankle injury etc.    My goal would be to drop the least attractive player.  Parker? Such promise.  I think I like Jackson and don't think I can get anything for Parker. If I pick up treadwell is that like the Devante Parker 2.0?  

Your team is better as is but if you want to make the move I would probably drop Parker. No need to pick up Treadwell or James but Kelly could also be a good pick up. Not sure which Freeman you have but maybe package whichever one that is and Parker for one player and create an open roster spot for Jackson or Kelly. Target the Ito Smith or Philip Lindsay owner depending on which Freeman you have.

I wouldn't drop anybody you have for any of those guys but trying to work a two for one as beerbuff suggested to open a spot is always a good idea. 


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