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ADP Info for 2 QB leagues (1 Viewer)


Anyone know where to find ADP info for 2 QB leagues. I think the strategy changes significantly, right. Instead of waiting on QB, you need to draft at least one early and maybe two. It goes from a deep position to a shallow one. How do you balance that with RB. I think the startegy should be 2 QBs and 2 RBs in the first four rounds, right?

You can use the VBD app to plug in your scoring system and starting requirements by position. I'm in a league where 19 QBs on average go in the first 3 rounds, but each league will differ based on scoring system.

VBD helps but doesn't really provide you with ADP. The general ADP info is pretty useless unless its specific to 2 QBs. Anyone know where to find that?


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