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After LB, what is the next most valuable spot? (1 Viewer)


I play in a league were every defensive player is seperate. I had them ranked like this. Just curious and what everyone else thinks. Or maybe you just use VBD for the defensive players and take the one thats top.1. LB's2. Safety3. DE4. DT5. CBThis may be an assistant coach question, but I'm putting it here because this is where the IDP guys hang out. I already have 4 LB's (M. Peterson, Z. Thomas, Nguyen, A Wilson) and 1 DE (O-Gun). We can either go 3-4 or 4-3 on defense lineups. Obviously, I am going to try to go 3-4. I feel like a need to take a couple of good safeties, but it would be nice to get another LB for bye weeks. What is the best choice? Some of the players available are:LB- Foley, D. Smith, Washington, Ullbrich, Claiborne.Safety- B. Scott, M. Green, Griffith, Dawkins, Lewis, Darius, D. SmithDT- Stroud, Harris, JenkinsDE - Wistrom, Jones, B Willims, Clark, HallCB- Lucas, Butler, S Brown, T JamesAlthough, Wistrom may be an option also. Any thoughts?

There's quite a few variables.1. SCORING - what is going to get more points, sacks or tackles or INTs? In most of my leagues, a sack and INT are about the same, and worth 3 tackles. As a general rule, the more weight given to a sack, the more DE's are worth. Do you get points for return yards? 2. Do you seperate S from CB and DE from DT, or simply use DB / DL?If S is the same as CB, they lose some value. DTs usually (2 exceptions) do not score close to what the top DE's do, but CB's can score as high as S's, especially if INTs and return yardage are included.3. Lineups - do you have the option to go 3-4-4 or 3-3-5, etc?If the #30 S and #50 LB score about the same, you'll find many teams using the nickel D. Same idea for DE. As a general idea, I use VBD, but understand that certain positions (cover CBs especially) are inconsistent, but Strong Safeties and LBs are more consistent.

You're in the right place - IDP specific stuff is here.As others have said, it depends on a number of factors. If CB's are required, you might want to see who are the cover-2 corners and see if they are out there. Dunta Robinson worked out very well last year, and if he's going up against corners rather than all DB's his value might actually go up relative to the lesser group. Take a look at the threads that talk about formations.I would recommend thinking of your lineup as a 3-3 with 1 flex between DL & LB as long as you can switch week-to-week. That way you realize that you can use a LB to cover a bye week for a DL and vice versa. Sometimes you'll end up with a squad where you have 2 guys on bye and only have one reserve, but you can simply switch formation if you don't want to cut anyone.You also want to realize that you'll likely be able to grab a few decent IDP's later on in preseason or early in the season if you pay attention.

Thanks guys all very helpful. Especially the thread Tick gave me. I ended up taking Derek Smith with the pick.


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