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Agents threaten boycott of NFL scouting combine over concerns about COVID-19 bubble (1 Viewer)


Maybe I'm just missing something. If you are a player and can't handle yourself for ~24hr in Indy without someone holding your hand..... I'm supposed to draft you and sign you to a multi-million $ multi-year contract? Seems to me the players that are really driven and motivated will get a leg up in this predraft process. Good.

In a few months these guys will be expected to get coached up all week/month/season long until Sunday and then they have to show up and perform to the best of their ability. If you can't do that in March I wouldn't be confident you could do it in October.

Agents very afraid here that players may find out just how little they are needed in an era of slotted salaries for draft picks.



The NFL announced it will not require draft prospects to remain in a so-called "bubble" during next week's Scouting Combine.

The initial plan was to have the players and personnel live in a bubble-like atmosphere at next week's event, but the threat of a boycott came down from more than 150 prospects. In response, the NFL quickly scrapped that idea, saying individuals are now allowed to "leave the secure areas during free time" and go about their normal lives.

SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter

Feb 21, 2022, 7:02 PM ET


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