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Ainias Smith-WR- Eagles (1 Viewer)


Texas A&M WR Ainias Smith-
Listed at 5'-9 3/8" 190#
May 1, 2001 (Age 22, about to be 23)

Snipped from 247 sports page: https://247sports.com/player/ainias-smith-90304/
Terrific athleticism verified in a testing environment that manifests on the field (4.51 40, 4.00 shuttle, 35-inch vertical).
I'm seeing 2 other 40 times out there: 4.48
None of the highlights at RB or WR show him destroying pursuit angles with pure after burners but he is very good at juking guys and creating space by changing direction then finishing off carries hard.
21 Reps on the Bench was tops at the combine for WRs this year, much more of an RB number. Dude is a beast.

Versatile player who dealt with a broken leg suffered Sep 24, 2022, cutting into his 4th year of College ball. Dangerous punt returner and often used as a running back totaling 72 attempts across 50 games, most of which came during his age 20 season when he totaled 49 for 293 yards and 4 RuTDs to go along with 43 for 564 for 6 RecTDs.

Senior year production while recovering from the broken leg: 12 games, 53 for 795/2 and 5/21/0 on the ground.
Career total
Yards from scrimmage: 2812 with 23 TDs
Punt and Kickoff - 1196 yards with 2 TDs

Has had a few legal troubles (gun/DWI/ Weed).

Some of the guys I follow think he's got enough route running chops and good enough hands to stick as a WR but also shows a knack with the ball in his hands to be a weapon in the run game. He's shifty, makes guys miss and then trucks dbs if he sees some yardage. Not afraid to work the middle of the field but several of the highlights were also field stretching deep shots and throws on the sidelines.

Being linked to the Eagles right now as their WR coach attended his Pro day and have invited him to visit. I'm seeing mocks with him in the 3rd round or much later.
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Waldman has talked this guy up a couple times as one of his fav. undervalued guys. If he gets drafted 5th round or higher I'd say he's worth looking at in the middle rounds of rookie drafts.
I would bet he is quite a bit faster than ~4.5 when healthy. Huge fan of this guy, I was thrilled when he came back for his senior season. His ADP is way off IMO
Drafted in Round 5 of the NFL draft to the Philadelphia Eagles with pick number 152.

Ranked #17 WR on Harmon's 2024 class rankings "Good sleeper in this class. Beats man coverage and flashes explosive potential."

Ourlads depth chart has him behind Campbell in the slot. Might be a good candidate for KR and stick on the roster until he can carve out a role as WR3 in PHI.
Eagles wr3
I have been seeing him as WR3 in a few places ... nothing concrete but some reports are showing him demonstrating his skill.
2 weeks ago.... but he is currently being used as gadget role
Brandon Howard CBS Article: Ainias Smith is another versatile player worth considering as a sleeper. He played a hybrid role of running back and wide receiver in college. Smith's arrival in Philadelphia, under an offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore who has experience integrating versatile weapons like Smith into his scheme, should prove beneficial for both Smith and the Eagles.

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