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AJ BRown threatens Kansas City Chiefs star with violence in deleted tweet (1 Viewer)



It sure looks like the Eagles are headed towards an epic collapse in the coming season.
The win now Eagles have obvious cap Issues and are sure to lose a few key players as well as serious depth that made them easily the strongest deepest roster in the NFL this season.
Now this from AJ Brown, which may explain why he was traded in the first place. This was the first time Brown has made it through an entire season and it is hard hard to imagine him making it through another full season without the injuries and suspensions that plagued him through his first 3 seasons with Ten.


There is no upside to JJSS antic's. He is not going back to KC-unless it's on the cheap again.
His contract was for $3.7 mill with only $1 mill guaranteed. This was supposed to be his
breakout season and 70/933 3 TD's when your QB throws for 5100+ is not it.



Click bait!
For those who don't know @Qammy , he prides himself in trolling. He went off on a tangent in the Hurts thread suggesting the Eagles should move on from him and select a QB in round 1 lol
While I'm sure it wasn't the point he was making (as he seemed to be arguing D.Jones>Wentz>Hurts>Dak in the Daniel Jones thread) I do think if Philly could get a Watson/Wilson like deal for Hurts, it wouldn't be a bad idea to trade him. Philly is the easiest QB job east of SF as far as supporting cast, and you can avoid paying 50 million for your QB.

Like if say, Steichen wanted to bring Hurts with him to Indy and the Colts offered the #4, #36. and a 2024 1st and 2nd, I'm not sure I'd pass on that.

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