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Al Harris CB GB Update (1 Viewer)



Green Bay - Cornerback Al Harris appears likely to be back playing for the Green Bay Packers later this season.

Coach Mike McCarthy delivered that news Friday, five days after Harris suffered what his agent has called a lacerated spleen against the Dallas Cowboys in a collision with linebacker A.J. Hawk.

Harris' agent, Jack Bechta, said it was the consistent opinion of four physicians seen by his client that surgery would not be needed.

"I'd say it's going to be at least three to four weeks," McCarthy said. "I don't have an exact time frame for you."

Because spleen injuries can be season-ending if not career-ending, the diagnosis on Harris buoyed the Packers' spirits. Harris, 33, is in his sixth season as a starter.

"No doubt about it," said McCarthy. "I think everybody was nervous Tuesday when it really came to light exactly what was wrong with Al. You're just glad it's not anything that could be life-threatening or as serious as it possibly could be."

The plan is for Harris to report Monday and begin working on conditioning.

"Al will have additional CT scans taken again in a few weeks," Bechta said. "No other time lines have been nor will be set until after the scans have been evaluated. We are in a 'wait and see' mode as to how well Al heals over the next few weeks."

Tramon Williams will replace Harris Sunday at Tampa Bay. Will Blackmon moves up to nickel back and Pat Lee moves up to dime back.

"That's the ability we have with our depth," McCarthy said. "These guys need to perform."

The sixth cornerback on the roster, Jarrett Bush, will be available at both cornerback and safety.

Good news for GB and even better news for Harris. Glad it wasn't as serious as feared, that can be a real nasty injury

Sorry if this is a HONDA, did a search and came up with nothing


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