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All my eggs in 3 baskets (1 Viewer)


Call me crazy, but I might start this week:

Broncos: Manning, Moreno, Decker, DST

Colts: Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw

Bengals: AJ Green and Gresham

I could start Housler or K. Winslow over Gresham ... but I kinda like the AJ Green insurance there.

ETA: Other starters are V-Jax and my kicker, Gostowski

Convince me to diversify.

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I don't understand the AJ/Gresham or Trent/Bradshaw at all.

The Packers gave up 400 yards week 1 because they were playing without their two best secondary players, and were playing a stud QB. That defense is going to be a top unit by the end of the year; they aren't fodder for any middling QB like Dalton.

Trent/Bradshaw will be 50/50 or close to it ... where's the value here? They are playing SFO. And it's not like the Colts rely on rushing TDs. I don't get the logic at all.

You're the one that should be convincing us as to why that's a good strategy.


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