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Amari-right or Amari-wrong? (1 Viewer)


Looking for other opinions.

Just saw Amari Cooper is questionable for Monday night.

Breece Hall
Z Moss

Go ahead and play Dotson at WR and Hall (or someone else) at FLEX? Or drop someone to pick up E.Moore (or another Monday night WR), wait till Monday to see if Coop plays and play Moore if he doesn’t?

Siding towards Dotson and Hall for potential spike games from them and I don’t need to make any drops/moves. My fear is to wait and hope Cooper plays and then I’m stuck with nothing because everyone else on my team has played.

Also have Andrews questionable so might have to make a move for a TE too in the morning. Oy vey! Lol

Anyone have any other potential ideas or strategies for the situation where a Monday night player is questionable?

Also, any thoughts on who I drop if I NEED to make a desperate move or two… Charbonnet, Bigsby or Moss?

Oh, .5 ppr

Late week injury adds usually end up as DNP. I wouldn't risk waiting out Cooper or making any big moves, especially given you have quality subs. I think it comes down to Dotson or Nacua. (Hall is great, but will remain on a pitch count.) The Rams have a *very* difficult match up. They will likely be throwing a lot. Nacua was talked up by all the local reporters in camp,so is no flash in the pan. I think he gets a lot of looks again. Maybe not 15, but, still, a lot. Dotson may sometimes be shadowed by Surtain, so he won't have free reign. It is close, but I'd go Nacua.

Here is mine... https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/dalvin-cook-or-zach-moss.810253/
Wouldn’t Surtain mainly be on McLaurin?

He was on Adams last week and Jakobi Meyers went off on other CBs.

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