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Amazing Dynasty League - 3 openings (1 Viewer)



I'm looking for replacement owners for a pretty amazing online dynasty league.

It's a 32-team league with two copies of each player, making it the equivalent of a 16-team league. Within the league, there are two divisions. Each year, the bottom four teams from the top division are relegated to the bottom division, and the top four teams from the lower division are promoted to the top league.

There is a small fee ($20/season), and you're required to pay the next year's fee in advance if you want to be able to trade draft picks. The payout is 100%, minus fees for MFL.

It's an IDP PPR league where you start QB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/Flex/Flex on offense, and 3DL/4LB/4DB on defense.


This league features some pretty strong owners, including some with pretty high accolades.

Please feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions about the league format, or if you're interested in joining. Typically with multiple openings we do a distribution draft, so there's no specific team you'd be locked into taking over, but rather you'd be picking your squad along with other new owners.

Again, looking for active owners who care about their teams, and want to be tested with the best owners that are out there.

I'm actually not the commish of this league, more the recruiting coordinator if you will.

I'm sure commish will get back to you soon enough.

We do things a little differently - we take in all applications, and then have a selection committee pick the applicants who get a team. Then we do a dispersal draft. So yes, it's still open. Pm me, so I can start communicating via email and send over the application.


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