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an ESPN parody (Super Bowl coverage) (1 Viewer)

Hidden nuggets all over the page."Your girlfriend would totally #### Troy Aikman""Vote: Do you like voting in online polls?"

Pasquarelli: It’s true, he is from Detroit. I checked God politely asks League MVP Shaun Alexander to please stop pointing at HimNecessary Precautions Bill Cowher to be tranquilized, held in cage for entire week before Super Bowl. :D

"Steelers linebacker Joey Porter calls Seahawks cowards for not running ball up middle every play"Funniest line on the page!

Want to know how many surgeries I had during my career? Twenty-nine. That’s right. I had 29 surgeries. The likes of you can’t even begin to conceive the level of sacrifice required to be a champion. You know what? I’m going to go get another surgery now just to prove I’m better than you.Okay, I’m back. That’s 30 surgeries I’ve had now. Thirty! I had them do a needless procedure on my eye – going in through my rectum – just to prove you’re a ##### and that I’m better than you. —Mark Schlereth
"Steelers linebacker Joey Porter calls Seahawks cheaters for not running ball up middle every play"

now that would be funny

"Detroit Native Jerome "From Detroit" Bettis to Play Super Bowl in Detroit (His Hometown) "

This is so true. I was actually going to start a new thread on this. Whats the big deal? The entire city is chearing for an entire team becau of ONE player?? If McNabb ever plays in a Superbowl in Chicago, I doubt anyone here would care. Its a nice story but c'mon, they're overdoing it a bit in Detroit. I doubt a majority of the people even knew who Bettis was until Bettis was in his third year in the NFL.

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