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An Offer Just Appeared (1 Viewer)


Full point PPR

I get: Stafford, Drake, Crabtree

I give: Big Ben, Michel, Lockett

I'm having a slow start mostly due to running into early season buzz saws. This trade is fairly even but I value Ben and Sony more than Stafford and Drake. I'll probably decline. Thoughts and thanks!


Stafford = Ben, maybe Stafford > Ben

Michel > Drake

Lockett > Crabtree 
I mostly agree with this.  I prefer Ben fairly easily over Stafford. 

I would rather have every player you are giving up over the player you are getting and it's not particularly close

Thanks crew. I have a hard time putting faith in Stafford and Ben looks primed this season. I like Crab more than Lockett but I'm more excited to play Sony over Drake at this point.


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