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Andre Caldwell, huh? (1 Viewer)


Lol, he definitely changed the Fantasy landscape today. I wonder if Peyton Manning plays High Stakes Fantasy Football...

Upon reflection, for sake of lessons learned: Wasn't everyone's initial instincts to go get Caldwell after the news of Welker came out... only to hear/read of the Rotoworld guy's super secret inside info?


The fantasy gods are cruel. Everyone rides all these guys all year to the playoffs, then they all suck week 1 besides Keenan Allen & Andre Caldwell. :lol:

Oh #### me holy. Demaryius has been gold all year.... and when i need him THE MOST, he puts up the worst fantasy game of the YEAR.

Is it August 2014 yet??

Reminds me a little of week 15 of 2007 when the Patriots had an off day in terrible weather and crushed those of use that had been riding their historic offense. Only Maroney really had a good day and who was playing the completely unreliable Maroney?

Only weather wasn't really a factor in this one.

The Denver Post reports TE Virgil Green, and not TE Jacob Tamme, will get the start in Wes Welker's (concussion) place in the slot against the Chargers.

It's a late-breaking wrench into the plans of tight end streamers. For all we know, Green will start, but the duo will rotate snaps. It was Tamme who filled in for Welker in Sunday's win over the Titans. Either way, it's enough to bump Tamme down in this week's tight end ranks, and should cause owners to reassess their plans if they're deciding between Tamme and another TE2 type. The Denver Post's Mike Klis speculates it could be Julius Thomas who mans the slot in two-TE sets.


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