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Andre Johnson to play, is this a positive or negative for Hopkins? (1 Viewer)


With Johnson playing this Sunday, it would stand to reason that he would see more of Webb, leaving Hopkins to be covered by Baltimore's #2 CB.

Should this be looked at as a net positive for Hopkins (is covered by the less-talented CB)?

Or should it be looked at as a negative (Johnson is going to get the lion's share of the targets)?


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Bad for "Nuk". He got the work because AJ was out. When AJ is in, he is the target monster. Houston's situation is not like the typical scenario where you can use your line of logic of "if this guy is covering this guy, we get a mismatch here". Your thought is very solid and applies most everywhere, but Houston is one of those few exceptions because Aj is, by far, heavily targeted in this system. The texans kinda do it opposite. They use legit threats to pull things away from AJ. He lines up outside but also in the slot. They move him to find the mismatches.

So, with AJ back in, the primary read will be to him and likely, if a team is doing that good of a job on AJ and the receivers, the Texans just start pounding the ball on the ground.

I think you can get away with using Hopkins and might get a long Td or some relevant points in the game, but I wouldn't expect 8-12 targets, multiple catches, etc.


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