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ANNOUNCED: 2016 Footballguys Players Championship (1 Viewer)

Alex - FFPC

The 2016 Footballguys Players Championship (FPC) is now open for the 2016 season.

A few items of importance:

- We know many of you begin your FF prep earlier and earlier each year, especially those of you playing in Dynasty leagues. With this in mind, we have scheduled the first FPC drafts starting Sunday June 5th, just 2 1/2 weeks from now. And if you think that's too early? No worries, there's a draft scheduled on each and every day thru Thursday, September 8th, right up until kickoff of the opening game of the 2016 NFL season. 

- As always, we have the early bird incentive. Register before Tuesday, June 30th, 2016 and receive a complimentary subscription to Footballguys.com Insider membership ($29.95 value). Purchase a 3-pack of FPC teams for $1,000 and receive a complimentary 3-year subscription ($64.95 value). If you already have a Footballguys.com Insider membership, the complimentary years will be added to the end of your current subscription. A maximum of 3 year subscription will be awarded per person regardless of FPC teams purchased by early bird deadline.

- If you have won a free entry(s) into the 2016 FPC in last year's contest, these entries are on your MyTeams page in a form of a "Credit". Simply to go your MyTeams page, click the REDEEM button and proceed with your registration. If you do not see a credit which you believe should be there, please email support@myffpc.com.

- Last year we introduced a single pre-season free agency period for all FPC leagues drafting before the Labor Day weekend. This year we have expanded on this with a second pre-season free agency period. Here's the new rule as written:

NEW RULE: Starting in 2016 there will now be TWO “preseason” free agency processes. The first is scheduled on Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 10pm ET for any FPC league which draft concludes on or before Thursday, September 1st, 2016. The second is scheduled on Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 at 10pm ET for any FPC league which draft concludes on or before Tuesday, September 6th, 2016. All FPC leagues drafted on or after Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 will begin free agency after NFL Week 1 has concluded.

Here are bullet points of all the FPC goodies.....

  • FPC Grand Prize of $250,000.
  • Championship round total prizes will pay down to 650th place.
  • Championship round cash prizes are paid down to 150th place.
  • 250 free 2017 FPC teams for places 151st to 400th, each valued at $350.
  • Footballguys lifetime & three-year subscriptions awarded from 401 to 650th place.
  • League prizes are $2,250, with a 2017 FFPC Main Event ($1,750 Value) for first place and $500 cash for second. A $1500 cash prize option is available instead of the Main Event team.
  • Contest entries are capped at 6,900 teams and all prizes are guaranteed.
  • Entire prize pool placed in escrow.
  • Online drafts will take place daily, beginning on Sunday, June 5th and run all the way thru Thursday, September 8th.
  • The entry fee remains the same at $350 per team, with a 3-pack of teams for $1,000 ($50 discount).

Prize Structure:

Individual League Prizes

Regular Season Prizes (Weeks 1-11)

1-Seed - Team with the best H2H record -- Automatic berth in the Championship Round
2-Seed - Remaining team with the most points -- Automatic berth in the Championship Round

League Playoffs Prizes (Weeks 12-13)

1st Place (three prize options available)

1) $1,500 Cash
2) Free Entry into 2017 FFPC Main Event ($1,750 Value)
3) 2017 Footballguys Players Championship 3-Pack and $500 Cash
+ Custom award medal for each league champion

2nd Place -- $500

Regular Season Overall Leaderboard Standings Point Leaders (Weeks 1-11)

Place Prize
1st $3,000
2nd $2,000
3rd $1,500
4th $1,000
5th $750
6th $500
7th $500
8th $500
9th $500
10th $500

Championship Round (Weeks 14-16)

Place Prize

1st – Overall Champion    $250,000 + custom trophy

2nd    $30,000

3rd    $15,000

4th    $11,000

5th    $10,000

6th    $9,000

7th    $8,000

8th    $7,000

9th    $6,000

10th    $5,000

11th    $4,500

12th    $3,500

13th    $3,500

14th    $3,000

15th    $3,000

16th    $3,000

17th    $3,000

18th    $3,000

19th    $3,000

20th    $3,000

21st    $2,500

22nd    $2,500

23rd    $2,500

24th    $2,500

25th    $2,500

26th    $2,500

27th    $2,500

28th    $2,500

29th    $2,500

30th    $2,500

31st    $2,000

32nd    $2,000

33rd    $2,000

34th    $2,000

35th    $2,000

36th    $2,000

37th    $2,000

38th    $2,000

39th    $2,000

40th    $2,000

41st    $1,500

42nd    $1,500

43rd    $1,500

44th    $1,500

45th    $1,500

46th    $1,500

47th    $1,500

48th    $1,500

49th    $1,500

50th    $1,500

51st    $1,500

52nd    $1,500

53rd    $1,500

54th    $1,500

55th    $1,500

56th    $1,000

57th    $1,000

58th    $1,000

59th    $1,000

60th    $1,000

61st    $1,000

62nd    $1,000

63rd    $1,000

64th    $1,000

65th    $1,000

66th    $1,000

67th    $1,000

68th    $1,000

69th    $1,000

70th    $1,000

71st    $1,000

72nd    $1,000

73rd    $1,000

74th    $1,000

75th    $1,000

76th    $1,000

77th    $1,000

78th    $1,000

79th    $1,000

80th    $1,000

81st    $1,000

82nd    $1,000

83rd    $1,000

84th    $1,000

85th    $1,000

86th    $1,000

87th    $1,000

88th    $1,000

89th    $1,000

90th    $1,000

91st    $1,000

92nd    $1,000

93rd    $1,000

94th    $1,000

95th    $1,000

96th    $1,000

97th    $1,000

98th    $1,000

99th    $1,000

100th    $1,000

101st  $500

102nd  $500

103rd  $500

104th  $500

105th  $500

106th  $500

107th  $500

108th  $500

109th  $500

110th  $500

111th  $500

112th  $500

113th  $500

114th  $500

115th  $500

116th  $500

117th  $500

118th  $500

119th  $500

120th  $500

121st  $500

122nd  $500

123rd  $500

124th  $500

125th  $500

126th  $500

127th  $500

128th  $500

129th  $500

130th  $500

131st  $500

132nd  $500

133rd  $500

134th  $500

135th  $500

136th  $500

137th  $500

138th  $500

139th  $500

140th  $500

141st  $500

142nd  $500

143rd  $500

144th  $500

145th  $500

146th  $500

147th  $500

148th  $500

149th  $500

150th  $500

151st to 400th 2017 Footballguys Players Championship Entry ($350 Value)

401st to 500th Footballguys.com LIFETIME Subscription

501st to 650th Footballguys.com 3-Year Subscription

Consolation Round (Weeks 14-16)

Place Prize
1st $3,000
2nd $2,000
3rd $1,750
4th $1,500
5th $1,250
6th $1,000
7th $1,000
8th $750
9th $750
10th $750
11th $500
12th $500
13th $500
14th $500
15th $500

Toilet Bowl (Weeks 12-16)

Place Prize
1st $1,500
2nd $1,000
3rd $750
4th $500
5th $500

Click Here for Draft Schedule and Registration

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2016 leagues are already starting to fill. Keep in mind as soon as the league you enter has filled, draft spots are automatically drawn and emailed.

 FootballGuys Players Championship (Sep 7 9:00 PM) #3305

[SIZE=9pt]Pick Number[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Drafting Team[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Paper Champs[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Off Constantly[/SIZE]






[SIZE=9pt]House of Cards[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]War Ensemble[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Perfect Insanity[/SIZE]




[SIZE=9pt]Hillary and the muff divers[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]The Game[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Technical Difficulties II[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]They Hate to Like Me #3[/SIZE]

FootballGuys Players Championship *DRAFT-A-THON* (Sep 3 7:00 PM) #3271

[SIZE=9pt]Pick Number[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Drafting Team[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]lucas's laughingstocks[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]One Way [/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Decatur Staleys[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Unconfirmed Rumor[/SIZE]




[SIZE=9pt]Technical Difficulties[/SIZE]








[SIZE=9pt]Haarp you![/SIZE]




[SIZE=9pt]Team Geno[/SIZE]

Another draft filled today! This will be the first one of the year this coming Sunday, June 5th at 7pm ET. We've got another one with open teams at 7pm and 10pm ET. 

[SIZE=9pt]Pick Number[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Drafting Team[/SIZE]




[SIZE=9pt]**** Nation[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Crushing Fools[/SIZE]








[SIZE=9pt]First Swipe[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Prodigious Pandas[/SIZE]




[SIZE=9pt]Rump Shakers[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Straight Cash Homies FPC1[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Aunt Jemima III[/SIZE]

FootballGuys Players Championship (Jun 5 10:00 PM) #3023

[SIZE=9pt]Pick Number[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Drafting Team[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Hold The Door[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]The Chef[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Robert's Turbinisdirty[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Back to the Future[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Luck-y Colts 1[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Your Mom[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Fire And Blood[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]Stock the Deck[/SIZE]




[SIZE=9pt]Jun 5[/SIZE]





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Less Than 36 Hours Remanin for Free Insider Subsription

When you register for the FPC by THURSDAY June 30th, you will receive a free subscription to Footballguys Insider PRO ($34.95 value). Add a three-pack of FPC teams for $1,000 and Footballguys will make it a free 3-year subscription ($72.95 value). (Current subscribers get additional years added on!)

IF YOU HAVE AN FPC TEAM CREDIT OR FUNDS IN YOUR ACCOUNT, you'll need to register your team(s) before the June 30th deadline to get the Insider PRO subscription from Footballguys.

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Alex, curious why the Draft Board isn't loading on the iPhone ? I keep getting the "Oops Error" message.   It works fine on the IPad tho.  Any idea?


Da Gildz said:
Alex, curious why the Draft Board isn't loading on the iPhone ? I keep getting the "Oops Error" message.   It works fine on the IPad tho.  Any idea?

Log out, clear your cache. Should work.

curious why did they lower the grand prize by a 100k?

it doesn't seem like more people are getting paid out or anything

Alex is there any way to sort the 'Manage Lineups' feature in the order of the dates you drafted the teams?  Seems to be in a random order. Just curious. Thx

Alex is there any way to sort the 'Manage Lineups' feature in the order of the dates you drafted the teams?  Seems to be in a random order. Just curious. Thx
No, we don't have the ability to sort the leagues on that page but we are looking to roll out the ability to custom sort the teams on your MyTeams page soon.

When do prizes go out?
Prizes were deposited a few days after the season ended and were available for withdrawal at that time. Currently, all withdrawal requests have been processed and prizes mailed out, mostly of them in early-mid January. 


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