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Anthony Miller for Will Fuller (1 Viewer)


Dynasty, non-PPR, standard scoring

I own Anthony Miller, who I am really high on. Was offered Will Fuller. At first I thought of rejecting outright, but his four games with Deshaun Watson at the helm last year were pretty amazing. Thoughts? I don't really *need* either player this year as I am in good shape at WR.

Thanks, and leave a link and I will reply to yours.


I like Fuller better personally but since you don't really need either player, I would go with your gut.  You're high on Miller.  Would you be more upset if you give up on Miller and he ends up living up to your expectations or will you be more upset if you stick with Miller and Fuller ends up out playing him?

In Dynasty, Miller.  Fuller will never take the WR1 in HOU as long as Hopkins is there, whereas Miller has the potential to do it.


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