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Antonio Brown , Tee Higgins or James Robinson (1 Viewer)



Need to start a flex starter 

1 point pr reception10 tds

100 yard rusher and receiver 5 bonus 

1 point for every 10 total yards 

who to start. 

 Flex starter Antonio Brown tonight 
Tee Higgins vs Vikings 
James Robinson vs Texans 

your help gets mine 

I would have gone with Brown.  In fact, I did and that decision was based on having a rooting interest in the game since I would be watching the opener.   A big factor for me.

I would go with Robinson, who probably has the higher floor and a better chance of getting in the end zone.  I tend to lean toward the back in a flex decision.  However, both are strong options and I'd be confident with either player.

Well brown being the third option and me having Higgins and Robinson I went with Robinson..

The way Brown looks though may be hard for me to ever sit him down as a flex moving fwrd 


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