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Antonio Bryant or Brandon Lloyd (1 Viewer)

Which WR do you like better this year?

  • Antonio Bryant

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I think they are interesting in comparison. Similar career paths, both have enjoyed some success in the past, and this week both broke out in their new situation.

Lloyd has received the endorsement of Lovie Smith in that he has emerged as the team's #1 WR.

Bryant has seemingly turned his personal life around and had very productive day Sunday.

Which guy is legit and the better fantasy option for the rest of the year?

I voted Lloyd and had him higher on my waiver pickups this week because if Galloway does return he sucks up a lot of targets.

Not only is Galloway old and done, he is in the coaches dog house along with garcia. Tb has a nice WC offens ethat fits Bryant perfect, they obviously are going to throw the ball alot with Griese plus they have a pretty friendly schedule in better wether than Chicago. Chicago is just not going to throw that much most weeks.

I pick up Bryant and enjoy the production. Guy got like 18 targets this past week.

Not too sure about Lloyd, although he looked good last week. Then again, Barber falling all over the place may have helped. I don know from listening to all of Grudens interviews since pre-season that he :hey: Antonio Bryant.

Is there any word on Galloway's status for this week?! Once he's back and I assume he will be in some role, Bryants value will drop while Lloyd has a clear cut role... I am highly interested in Bryant for this week though, if someone somewhere had some news on Galloway!!

This was the latest on Galloway I read, it was on Friday before last week's game. Didn't sound like Galloway intends to rush himself back on the field:

Galloway not looking goodfrom Bucs Beat | tampabay.com - St. Petersburg Times and tbt*WR Joey Galloway, making his first public comments since sustaining a foot injury against the Falcons on Sunday, said his injury has improved but he still isn't capable of practicing and hasn't begun rehabbing the injury."I'm walking now," he said, "which is definitely progress from where I was Monday."Galloway had been on crutches but has since abandoned them.Asked if running on the injury could make it worse, Galloway said, "It could make it worse if we were to do too much right now. . . We'll just have to let it quiet down a bit and then begin the rehab process."
Just found an article in St. Petersburg Times on Sept 22 quoting Gruden as saying he wasn't sure if Galloway would play this week, but he mentioned a couple of other injured players and said they "have a better shot of playing than Galloway.. Bryant might have some nice value for another week!


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