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Antonio Callaway or Robby Anderson - Dynasty PPR, Who Would You Want? (1 Viewer)


A. Callaway or R. Anderson, who would you want on your team? 

12 team PPR.  Starters: 1 QB and 7 others with a maximum of any position being 5 starters between RB-WR-TE.   Other WRs on team:  Thielen, Hilton, Jeffery, Benjamin, Cole, K. Kirkwood

Based on your roster this guy would slot in at about WR4 for you.  Based on that I would rather go with the upside of Callaway.  If he still has drop problems as the year gets started you can get away from him easily.  I would bank on him improving and minimizing the drop issues. 

You know what you have with Anderson and he is fairly streaky.  Hard to know when to play him.  I think a guy like that can be found relatively easy or traded for cheaply.  Because of that I would rather go with the upside and hope he hits. 

I pushed back for Anthony Miller.  I have a higher value score on him over Callaway
I guess it depends on what role you are looking to fill.  Miller probably has a higher floor than Callaway but I think I still go with Callaway because if he hits potential with Mayfield he could be a difference maker.  I think we saw what Miller will be this year.  A possession guy that is used occasionally in certain sets for the Bears.  A-Rob is the clear #1 and Miller/Gabriel/Cohen get mixed and matched for misdirection plays and who knows which one will be used any given game. 


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