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Antonio Gates (1 Viewer)


What are you doing with him? In the past two weeks, he's put up a total of four points for me. What can I expect out of him vs Oakland?

I'm feelin' your pain ... but I've gotta ride him out ... maybe, just maybe a short week and a desperate Bolts team get's serious and remembers how they got to be among the pre-season favorites to be playoff contenders .....

... forget the Herm to Tampa noise ... the way Norv has this team playing ... Herm to the Chargers would be a welcome change :hifive:

Rotoworld posted this:

"Antonio Gates was limited to 27 yards on three catches in the Chargers' Week 13 loss to the Falcons.

Analysis: Gates has had three consecutive disappointing weeks and appeared hobbled by some sort of leg injury this time around. He didn't have the burst needed to beat linebackers and wasn't heavily targeted after the first quarter."

I can't find anything else about an injury. Anybody else?

I am also planning to ride him out. Scheffler and Heap are on my waivers but I will roll the dice w/ Gates for the playoffs unless I hear any news to validate an injury. Has anyone been keeping a close eye on the Chargers? What is the deal? 3 weeks...eggs. He seemed to do prety well last time against da raiders. GL.


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