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Any chance the second tier backs (1 Viewer)

Adrian Peterson

Now we have seen the teams who need starters the most put offers forward - what are the chances players like Maurice Morris, Jonathon Wells and others land elsewhere?

Morris I think is chatting with Indy so...

Wells. I don't think the Texans need him. Right now they have Bush, Davis, and Morrency. If they trade the #1 pick then they may need a back but... Anyhow, he's done OK in spots so I think he'll be a decent backup somewhere. Some think Morris has looked special at times and so maybe he can carry a team. I don't get that feeling from Wells. He seems like a career backup.

Any hope for Dominic Rhodes in Indy??
Previously it was thought of that if Edge walked, they were coverred with Rhodes. It's a little hmmmmmmm that they're looking for a RB. Not a positive sign. I'd still keep him if I had him in a dynasty league though and hope he beats out whomever they bring in.

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