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any email leagues out there...100-300 PPR 12 teamer..? (1 Viewer)

It's that time of year again!!!

Even though this we play for money; this is a fun league. Two requirements: You pay on time and you can talk smack.

Please contact your commish if u want to play in the ESPN Bourbon League. I have between 2 and 4 potential spots left.

$100.00 League fees due before draft day which is Sept. 4, 2018. If fees are not paid by draft time (snake draft) your team will be locked out of draft and therefore be ineligible to play. Depending on the number of teams that pay by deadline will determine prize money. For example if we have 12 teams that pay by deadline 1st place $500.00, 2nd place $300.00, 3rd place $200.00 and 4th place $100.00. If the league has 14 owners then the prize money will increase accordingly. 3 week playoff format. Top 6 teams make playoffs with top two teams getting a bye week in 1st round.

You can contact me at 504-228-1906 via text if interested.


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