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Any Interest in - 12 Team/.5 PPR or Full PPR/$100 Buy-in/Standard Roster - League? No $$ or payment until league is full!!! (1 Viewer)


I created a 12 Team, Standard scoring and standard roster league, Full point PPR or Half-point PPR will be discussed once league is full, . Buy-in would be $100.

9 Starters: QB / RB,RB / WR,WR / TE / FLEX / DEF / K -- 7 bench, 1 IR

Scoring would be standard ESPN scoring, nothing wild and no added bonuses or any added positions. If we manage to get all 11 spots filled, we can all decide if we want Full-Point PPR or Half Point PPR.

I am tired of my current leagues where people quit midway through the year, or dont check their league often and are absent when trade requests go through. I want an active and competitive league! Let me know below or through a DM if you would be interested. Draft would be Sept. 2-6 probably, so all of Preseason is done and its close to Reg Season.

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