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Any leagues carry over unused auction/blind bid funds year to year? (1 Viewer)


thought about dynasty auction startup where:

a) you start of with X amount of auction units.

b) you then add Y amount of blind bid units (and add your unused X funds to this) for FA acquisition during the season.

c) after the year is over and before 2014 rookie draft dole out an amount of units (Z) based on order of finish ... for example perhaps:

last place: Z = 240 + leftover X & Y funds

next to last place Z = 230 + leftover X & Y funds




first place: Z = 100 + leftover X & Y funds

just trying to figure out a more longterm strategy for money planning and also give differing strategies for rookie acquisition a chance

what are drawbacks or issues that could arise? (other than the obvious if a dominant team decided not to spend any season money they may be able to grab the top rookie)

what are good values for X and Y? (14 team league, very large roster, non-IDP, PPR, superflex)

what are good amounts to dole out to keep the weaker teams still able to get the best rookies for the most part?

what is best way of player nomination for an online slow auction that would last a month?

is it best to set a time each night that auctions end or have the timer start over?

any other questions i'm leaving out that need answering?

thanks in advance for your help

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forgot to add, units are for player acquisition only

no salaries, contracts, salary caps will be used

I know hyperactive carries over blind bidding bucks but they revert to a draft format

anyone know of a league that carries over auction bidding?

i don't want to dive in blind and would love to see a ruleset

Just so you don't feel lonely, all the leagues that I know that carry over funds either do it like the HA leagues as you mentioned or has some form of salary cap/contracts. Not seen the format you have suggested in the thread.

i guess you're right

usually i just develop a set of rules and by trial and error work the kinks out but this format needs to be thoroughly thought out due to the fact that if someone has a "plan" of saving that limits tweaking because that snowball is already runnin down the hill

i may just start the league with the pre-knowledge of starting over after 3 or 4 years and that would allow the kinks to be figured out


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