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Any poor suckers have to roll out Mcgahee tonight? (1 Viewer)


BYE's and Injuries force me to. Playin him over Bolden, Obiwonkanobbya and Marlon Brown as flex2-PPR.. Hope he does something with his 15ish touches.

Yes, Peterson and Martin are on Bye and I have to play him as a Flex. Other options would have been Robert Woods, Miles Austin or Eddie Royal, but I don't trust any of these guys this week. So I hope that he somehow stumbles in the endzone from the 1yd line at some point in the game. :shrug:

My options are limited. It's either Ridley, Mcgahee or Obg in a full ppr league.

As of this minute I have OBG in the lineup....Ridley has already been mired in a committee on top of the fact he is now injured. At least OBG catches passes.

Might head might explode during the next hour.

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Anyone considering McGahee over a marginal WR at flex? Right now I'm looking at McGahee or Nate Washington in my flex spot.

Starting him but the pickins were slim for me with SJax out and Ridley pretty much absent from the NFL.

I think I would go Washington over Gahee. I would sit most of the other guys just below there...givins. Hilton Austin, Vince Brown.

McGahee prolly get you 9 or 10 points but Washington has potential for a way bigger number...although they do play the chiefs. Tough call...flip that coin


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