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Anybody else make an advanced WW play on Chris Henry? (1 Viewer)

Judge Smails

I'm in a short roster (14 player) league, so it's tough to carry dead wood especially when entering bye weeks. But it's hard to be stacked at every position after the draft, and my weak spot is WR3.

I picked him up last week, as I knew the vultures would be circling around week 3 or 4 with him. In a 3WR start league, I think he could prove to be a wise pickup, especially with Chad's shoulder. He could be playing every down on a team that has to pass. No way Cincy's passing game is this bad the rest of the way. Sure, you're sellin' your soul a bit to put a thug like CH on your roster, but winnin' is winnin'..


Had him on a roster since the draft, but really don't think I can hang onto him any longer. Need the roster spot, and man the Bengals suck so far.

I'm really torn on this one. Earlier I thought he'd be valuable, now I'm not sure. Without an O-Line I don't think anyone on the Bengals can produce.


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