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anybody else waiting up for waivers to process? (1 Viewer)


i have addai and portis in one league, and graham, torain, f. jones, in another, all hurt. need RB please!!

how are these players still available? They have been gone in my leagues for the past month
Could be leagues with smaller rosters. Not everyone is in 12- and 14-team leagues with 20 roster spots. My home league is 10 teams and has 16 man rosters, up from the 14 man roster limit we had for over 10 years.
12 team 16 man rosters NO ONE mentioned here is available. Slim pickings every week. Been runnin two D/ST's all year but I think I'm going to drop one and grab Caddy. Gruden said its been like Christmas waiting for him to come back. "Christmas is Wednesday, I hope" he said. Sounds pretty optimistic to me, but since I have the space I'm going to get him first.

In this order:

BJGE (I'm the idiot who dropped him, for Faulk)



Tatum Bell


Sammy Morris

I'm ridiculously thin at RB, largely thanks to SJax. Holding Mewelde until I see Parker practive through this weekend. And waiting for news on Addai and whether he's practicing, so might add Rhodes to this list, likely fairly high if so.


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