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Anyone buying Willie Parker? (1 Viewer)

i think he's a buy low still. i traded darren sproles and matt jones for him last week with hopes he'll be back for week 7.

Got offered Parker for my MJD-rejected it. I am concerned about his wheels. While Drew has been terrible in 3 of 4 thus far, their schedule is at least appealing plus he's playing. Pitt. has a very tough schedule.

File under FWIW:

Tried to buy Parker low from the Colston owner by offering Moore and Chris Perry (pre-hamstring and pre-Benson news). No dice.

His counter was Chris Johnson and Jon Stewart for Parker and Rudi. He withdrew before I could reject.

I just traded Ryan Grant for him....may have been a bad move on my part, but figured both would be on my bench for a while......like Parker better when he gets healthy.........


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