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Anyone have Chris Mortensen's chat today? (1 Viewer)

Chat with Chris Mortensen

Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen will stop by to take your questions on the NFL and all the happenings off the field, too.

Send your questions now and join Mort in The Show on Wednesday!

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SportsNation Mort: (12:02 PM ET ) Good morning and aloha from the Pro Bowl! Let's see what's on your mind...

Zach (Denver): Mort - Can the Broncos win a championship behind Jake Plummer or will his mistakes forever bring us down?

SportsNation Mort: (12:07 PM ET ) Well, I'm not a huge Plummer fan but he did win the division title in a very tough AFC West, he did reach the AFC title game and it is an offense with limited personnel. Quarterbacks make mistakes. I just think they need a couple of more playmakers.

Jon (Brooklyn, NY): Mort, Alot has been made of the officiating in the SB. As a fan of neither team, it sure looked to me like Seattle got jobbed. People say "but they played so poorly, the blown calls don't matter", but of course they do. If they scored on the "push off" touchdown (if that was a push off, what do you call what Michael Irvin & Randy Moss do?), the momentum of the game is completely changed.

SportsNation Mort: (12:11 PM ET ) I'm not a big fan of pointing the finger at officials but I do believe that the big calls in this game weighed heavily against the Seahawks. I thought the pass interference penalty was bad and a couple of the holding penalties. But the Seahawks had opportunities to overcome some of these penalties and they duidn't do it. The Steelers made the big plays that counted.

SportsNation Mort: (12:11 PM ET )

Jason (WA): So the NFL officially believes the game was well officiated. What does this say about the standard of refereeing they support when they are in essence saying to fans that they should expect referees to significantly affect the outcome of game?

SportsNation Mort: (12:14 PM ET ) The NFL basically is saying that all of these controversial calls were judgment calls and therefore was no different than any other game. I just believe in the practice that you keep the flag in your pocket, especially in big games. Let the players decide the game.

steve braun (AZ): jay cutler next brett farve or ryan leaf?

SportsNation Mort: (12:17 PM ET ) I'd say closer to Favre than Leaf. Remember, Leaf's problems were off-field, behavorial issues. Physically, he had games where he flashed but he also ended up with a very serious wrist injury, too. Cutler is a pretty good bet for success.

Mike (Boca Raton): Is there any way the Seahawks can keep both Alexander and Hutchinson?

SportsNation Mort: (12:20 PM ET ) Hutchinson definitely will not get away because the Seahawks will franchise him if they are unable to do a contrract. Alexander is more iffy. The Seahawks will make him another offer. Alexander could always test the fre agent market and realized the Seahawks have made the best offer. Without a labor extension, it's going to be a shaky free agent market, maybe even for a league MVP like Alexander, who still has his detractors.

Mark (New Orleans): your take on the Jets situation? Seems like Woody doesnt have much of a clue and the kids plotted a palace coup against Bradway (not that I am complaining......)

SportsNation Mort: (12:23 PM ET ) That's an interesting theory (the palace coup. Well, the one thing youth gives you is boundless energy and ambition. There are going to be miskates made but that can happen under any regime. I think Johnson is one of the issues, if everything I hear is correct - that he is not necesarily a builder of organizational morale. And that is very important when you're the owner.

Brooke (WA): How can you say "But the Seahawks had opportunities to overcome some of these penalties and they duidn't do it."? The question is "Why should they have to overcome bad calls"? Clearly bad calls affected the game and as the ESPN polls show, probably changed the outcome.

SportsNation Mort: (12:26 PM ET ) I think I've stated pretty clearly that the Seahawks got the raw end of the officiating and, yes, I believe these calls probably cost them the game. I think they could have been up 16-3 at halftime and who knows how that would have changed the tone of the game? But I'm always a little dubious of blaming officials for a loss that was an 11-point margin.

Jim (LA): Would full time officials make a difference in the officiating in the NFL?

SportsNation Mort: (12:28 PM ET ) I favor full-time referees - the head crew chief should be a full-time guy.

Colin (MI): Why should Detroit take Cutler with pick 9, instead of an OL, (a big need), or another skill player for defense?

SportsNation Mort: (12:30 PM ET ) I don't think Cutler will be there at No. 9. But if any team has a conviction on a quarterback, it always has to be considered. I think the Lions should lean heavily on the defense in that first round and address the O-line a little later in the draft.

Richard (Adrian, MI): I don't understand what a full-time referee would do during the week, except play a lot of madden.

SportsNation Mort: (12:32 PM ET ) He can do a lot, trust me. Maybe an in-depth discussion is necessary. I do know the NFL says these guys are already putting in at least a 30-hour week in preparation but I think the officiating has been shaky enough to warrant something different.

Chris (Round Lake, IL): Mort, what are your thoughts about Edgerrin James? Will he be released and what teams are going to heavily look at him? How about the packers?

SportsNation Mort: (12:36 PM ET ) Barring a new labor deal, James will becopme an unrestricted free agent on March 3 because his contract has expired. I think a team like the Packers could be one but I don't see Edge playing in those Green Bay winters. It's going to be really interesting to see how NFL teams will react to a potentially big RB market - James, Jamal Lewis, maybe Fred Taylor, maybe Shaun Alexander. The market hasn't been kind to the veteran RBs.

Corey (Tampa, Fl): Mort, it's being reported on local radio in South Florida that T.O. was in Davie today visiting with the Dolphins. Do you have any information on this?

SportsNation Mort: (12:37 PM ET ) No, I don't, because my day just started in Hawaii. But I have full expected T.O. to visit with the Dolphins at some point.

Terry ( Charlotte): Do you think the Cats keep DeShaun Foster and Stephen Davis, or do they look for new blood? Why are they always injured?

SportsNation Mort: (12:38 PM ET ) The Panthers definitely will be looking to add a running back.


SportsNation Mort: (12:40 PM ET ) As Colts GM Bill Polian already has said, Reggie Wayne will not be a free agent. He will either be signed to a new contract or be franchised.

chilly, newport news, va: is the raiders job that bad, seriously?

SportsNation Mort: (12:44 PM ET ) The bad part of the Raiders job is that a head coach is never really the final authority - Al Davis is. He generally has control of all personnel decisions and of the coaching staff. Plus, he often overrules disciplinary measures that the head coach attempts to implement. But the Raiders should be a good job, based on the tradition, fan following, and some pretty good players on board.

Jon (Grand Rapids, MI): So the Panthers using a second round pick on Eric Shelton last year was a complete waste?

SportsNation Mort: (12:45 PM ET ) Shelton didn't show them enough to get overly excited about so they still will add a running back for sure.

David GA: I read a rumor that the falcons are thinking of trading Schaub or Duckett. I just want to know if any of the two are true.

SportsNation Mort: (12:46 PM ET ) I don't think Duckett has a future in Atlanta, whatever that means (trade or release). I don't think the Falcons will trade Matt Schaub.

Mike ( Chicago ): Do you think Chicago, with an upgraded secondary, will be the team to beat in the NFC next year?

SportsNation Mort: (12:48 PM ET ) Every is unique to itself but I like the Bears to be in the mix again next season, especially with Grossman and Orton having gained some valuable experience. They will address their secondary concerns. Team to beat? One of them.

Greg (Denver, CO): Does Whisenhunt get offered the job today in your opinion? He may not take it, but do you think he at least walks away with an offer?

SportsNation Mort: (12:52 PM ET ) Yeah, I think he will have the offer...whether that comes today or tomorrow. I know somebody who has been a liason of sorts between the two sides and this person believes there's a potential match there. I'm still not certain Whisenhunt takes it but if Davis relinquishes some control, it can happen.

Mike (Boca Raton): Are the Falcons concerned with Mike Vick's development as a passer? If yes, then do they start to worry about his ability to be a franchise QB if he doesn't make a marked improvement over last year?

SportsNation Mort: (12:55 PM ET ) I think Vick has a big year ahead of him and the hiring of Bill Musgrave as QB coach was big in terms of just settlging in as a consistent passer. But the young WRs having one more year is going to be big, too. Still, let's remember that Vick is barely 6-foot tall, which is why the Falcons (contrary to perception) do some creative things with him.

Dan, Boston: Any thoughts on the Bradshaw & Montana controversy?

SportsNation Mort: (12:57 PM ET ) I wished both guys would bhave been at the game. I understand Montana's explanation - he had a child playing a basketball game. I'm assuming a private jet service wouldn't have alleviated that problem. It's unfortunate that those guys were unable (for whatever reason) to be there because it was a pretty neat occasion.

Diego (mexico city): Is the feud between Schottenhiemer and AJ Smith as bad as people have reported in San Diego. Will he finish his contract (Marty)?

SportsNation Mort: (1:00 PM ET ) I would say there's just not the ideal relationship but it neveretheless has produced a much stronger Chargers franchise. I think 2006 will be telling in terms of Marty finishing out his deal. The Chargers should be pretty strong again.

SportsNation Mort: (1:00 PM ET ) I would say there's just not the ideal relationship but it neveretheless has produced a much stronger Chargers franchise. I think 2006 will be telling in terms of Marty finishing out his deal. The Chargers should be pretty strong again.

SportsNation Mort: (1:01 PM ET ) I have to run to the Pro Bowl practices now. I will take next week off before re-settting the off-season and more equipped to answer all your free agent and draft questions. Thanks for a great season and God Bless!


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