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Anyone interested in a keeper Baseball league Most likely Yahoo but can be discussed. (1 Viewer)


So I had a fantasy baseball league years ago with members of my own baseball board. it was h2h basic stats Ws, HRs, ERA, SB etc. It was a keeper league with 2 rounds each year keep as many players as we wanted. We locked available players after the draft till a certain time then we had like a FA free for all thing.. If you drafted someone and had a full roster you had to drop a player. We had about ten-12 guys and this was my first baseball fantasy league ever. I got really good after I knew what I was doing. Normal setting on waivers etc as well. We had 2 N/A slots plus an DL. NA could be used for players on Maternity leave etc or adding a prospect to the roster you wanted. Prospects all are available at start of the year so awhile back a Jose Rodriguez could be picked up prior to debuting, Phillies Prospect Andrew Painter would be available already too just as examples. looking for a 27 man roster with Starters UTL position, DH and then SP and RP/SP.

I know this is last minute but I was checking around to see who was interested friends wise and either most don't have time for baseball or this sort of league or in leagues already. I don't feel comfortable making this a $$$ league right way as I'm not comfortable holding others money. We can go a year playing for free then decide if next year we want to go $$$ league. I haven't played fantasy baseball in the last 2 years and would like to get back in the game. I got one friend interested going to check to see if anyone else would be.

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