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Anyone know of any sites that do free Dynasty leagues? (1 Viewer)


Looking to do my first dynasty league for next year. I figured I'd love to a team I can invest in a lot more. Already have a 12 (maybe 10 next year) keeper league of keep 4 PPR draft pick trading all the other good stuff but I want something a little more complicated and I can do during the offseason as well. It takes me time to adjust to new things do to my Austim (I have Aspergers) and some new things take me awhile to get use to stuff. For instance it took me half a season in my first fantasy baseball league to realize had to switch my starters each day and it didn't do it for me. I'm very good with setting my line ups and league rules but would love to get my hands on something like a dynasty league but given my own abilities I'd like something free in case I don't like it and just want to try. Any website or suggestions would be lovely and thanks in advance. 


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