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Anyone know where you can find historical ADP? (1 Viewer)


Tittle pretty much explains it all. Curious if there are any resources out there that show ADP from several years ago.

I don't have any, but I was actually just thinking this morning -- it seems to me there was a time back in the mid-late 90s when the Packers had the top QB, and a consensus top 2-3 RB & WR, and it made me wonder if -- in the NFL's current state, focusing on dynamic passing offenses and a lot of RBBCs -- if we would ever see something like that again.

And this is applicable here, mostly, because I wanted to check back and see if I'm remembering correctly about the ADPs, and also to figure out who those players were (Favre obviously, but I think Dorsey Levens & Antonio Freeman were both top-3 draftees at their positions). Chmura probably would've been in the mix as a top fantasy TE then as well, but I pretty clearly remember having 3 Packers near the top of the board...


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