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Anyone rolling with D Ward? (1 Viewer)


Not WDIS, although I am wondering who to start right now.

I was just wondering what the shark pool consensus is today.

D Ward has been quietly effective, but basically on my bench all season. I think with the WAS defense looking shaky against the run lately and all other factors combined, D Ward might be a good flex play today.

It just sucks for me as a Portis and Addai owner who has to decide on a flex between what I view as 3 good match ups in Leon W vs. DEN Fargas vs. KC and D ward.

Any NY homers have ANY idea what kind of split we can anticipate now that we know that Jacobs is indeed starting?

In a ppr w/ decimal scoring, 6 of his last 7 games have been 11 or more points, with an average of 13.8. Only one of those games was w/o Jacobs as well. I like him, he's become a safe option for a flex or even a RB2. If you have a few explosive players on your roster, you can't beat a safe double digit option like Ward.

I am going with Derrick Ward over Reggie Bush in a

game with big FF playoff implications.

I think the Giants will pound all day, and Ward is the healthiest

RB on the roster. I like him to do well today.



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