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Are any of these rb's worth picking up for bench depth off waivers (1 Viewer)


I am in a 16 team dynasty league. 6 points for a td, 1 point per 20 yards rushed, 0.5 points per reception.

Correll Buckhalter

Greg Jones

Kevin Faulk

Lamont Jordan

Mewelde Moore

Ahman Green

If you are talking about the injury risk I think Buckhalter is a good stash. Not sure if Westbrook will play this week or not and if he doesn't I think Buck is a must start.

Faulk - might get you a few points or he could score 20, you never know with the Pats.

Jordan - no way of knowing IMO.

Jones - very hit and miss.

Green - no.

Moore - ummmm, yeah for one week at least (or however long parker is out)


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