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Are the Bengals headed for a RBBC? (1 Viewer)

northern exposure

Perry can't stop fumbling and has been underwhelming. Perry has received the majority of the touches and Palmer looked for him on passing downs and overthrew him in the endzone when he was wide open.

Benson looked alright in limited action vs. The Cowboys.

Lewis has said the team will re-sign Kenny Watson today.

How will this all shake out?

It's only a matter of time before Perry gets hurt again and/or his fumbling puts him on the bench. Watson looked good last year when he was forced into action, but I get the feeling they want to see what Benson can do. I think it may happen sooner than later. He was just worked into the lineup this week because of limited practice time, but he may see a much bigger workload next game.

Benson will start at least one game this season. If he does well in that at least one start, the job could end up his.

More than likely...

Perry can't hold on to the ball (5 fumbles), cant average a respectable ypc (2.9), has been bothered by a hamstring injury, and hasn't really produced as the featured RB.

Don't be surprised to see Benson's carries rise.


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