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This topic was brought up in another thread, and I thought it would be interesting to see how this shakes out.

A subscribers-only forum was proposed, but my hypothesis is that the majority of prolific Shark Pool posters are not subscribers. I am guessing that a lot of subscribers are those who don't have time to surf forums/statistics/etc. at work or at home to do their own leg work, so they subcontract it out to FBG's. many subscribe anyways, to support FBG's and for the content, but I imagine that this is a minority.

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Interesting poll. I selected rarely post but would probably choose an adverb more like occasionally if it was offered. Also selected not a subscriber but I have subscribed. I will say this: If I were to pay money for any FF content, it would be footballguys.com. For the past few years I've enjoyed doing things on my own but I certainly have and will recommend this website to anybody who is looking for help. And, when I see certain contributors of this website posted around the inner webs, I always pay attention.

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First year subscriber, mainly use it for draft dominator, Dodds projections, subscriber contests and to feel special.

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I've been a subscriber for the last 3 years I think. To me, it's not much to pay for a fair bit of information. Sure, you can get a lot of info out there for free, but I don't mind supporting FBG for all the work they do and also, I rarely find that I'm missing out on some angle/information by just hanging out here. I still feel FBG is head of the curve and the best resource around.

Having said that, I don't use a lot of the weekly info. I mainly subscribe for the IDP info (particularly Jene's takes), and other than that i really only pay attention to the waiver/upgrade report, buy low/sell high, gut checks, fantasy roundtables and maybe a couple of others. I almost never look at weekly projections or rankings - just don't find it that meaningful.

I've been a subscriber for years. I used to post much more frequently, now I don't for various reasons. I saw that you're asking the question for the purposes of discussing the merits of a subscriber-only forum. It's been discussed many times before and every time the conclusion is that it would be a bad idea. There are problems with the Shark Pool, but limiting it to subscribers won't fix them.

I subscribe, love the contest and the draft dominator. The contest is worth the entry fee for me, brings many hours of enjoyment.

I do not post much, but it is not because I don't have time or value to add. While there is considerable value in the Shark Pool, there are way to many personal attacks on this board. Too much drama for me to get involved with posting on any regular basis.

I subscribe and post a lot. I like the subscribers contest and some of the articles, but the thing I like most is the MyFBG section where you can see rankings associated with all your leagues based on your specific scoring. Makes it a lot easier when I'm trying to set my lineup for some of the free leagues with weird scoring that I just don't want to spend a lot of time on. I pay and will continue to pay because I like the site and it's a small price to pay to keep it going.

I wouldn't mind a subscriber only section because it helps keep out some of the trolls and the immaturity and people posting things like: "Nope, am I missing out?" I'd rather only hear from people that are knowledgeable and don't mind paying a small fee to keeping this site nice and clean.

I subscribe, rationalizing it in that I won $50 once. Also I find this a better "pre-season" fantasy fix than money leagues with early drafts.

However, I would say that probably 80% of the really helpful week-to-week info is included in the **free** podcast.

I'm a fairly long time subscriber, but each year I find myself using their content less and less. I mainly sign up just for the subscriber contents now. I no longer use the DD, and I find a majority of the strategy articles are regurgitated year after year (not really FBG's fault, I think innovation in the FF field has pretty much reached the point of diminishing returns).

That said I don't think a subscribers only board would help much. Sure you'll clean out the total number of irrelevant posts, but that may be only because you've shrunk the pool size. As a %, it'll probably stay the same, maybe get a little better but not sure it'd be worth the price of alienating a bunch of non-subscribers who can and do contribute.

Here's the thing...the subscription is only worth what you make of it. If someone comes in and only uses one component or two, then they will walk away saying "it's not worth it". When in fact, there is more than enough to justify the cost of admission!

The Subscriber Contest- several weeks of value for pennies a day (worth the subscription by itself)

The Draft Dominator- easily the best draft organization tool I've found (worth the subscription by itself)

That's the tip of the iceberg and either/or are worth it by themselves.

Those that want to bash this site are welcome to zip off to another site they find more valuable. If they left, would I be missing anything?

I don't subscribe. As much as I enjoy the various FBG writers and the forums, weekly projections are probably the last thing I put any weight in from any fantasy site. I probably wouldn't ever use the DD. If I do subscribe sometime soon, it'll probably be for the contest, which seems crazy fun.

The thing I value most for fantasy is NFL news, and twitter and Rotoworld (ridiculous blue-text analysis aside) cover that pretty well. I also don't play in any really high stakes leagues, so there's not really enough on the line for the subscription to be worth it.

Used to subscribe and post more. But now there is too much free info and I'm overall less interested than I used to be.

A subscriber only forum makes sense if only to create a place where subscriber content is discussed

I think a normal shark pool could coexist

The Shark Pool is the nectar that gets people to stay at FBG. Becoming a subscriber is the pollen. It doesn't make any business sense for Joe and David to damage their best marketing tool.

I subscribe only for the contests. All of the additional information, analysis, articles, etc. can be found elsewhere for free. The sources are different, but the quality is the same, if you know where to look.

I'm a subscriber and post when I feel like I have something to contribute. I don't care to get in the pissing matches that go on all to frequently.

I would like to see a subscription forum where subscribers can go and discuss subscriber content. It sucks not having a place to discuss the information.

As you can see from the number of posts, I am a stereotypical lurker. I come to the FBG shark pool frequently but rarely post. There are a few guys on here (mostly diehard local fans) that sometimes post gems of information that seals the deal on a waiver pickup or holding/dropping/starting a player. It can frustratingly take extra time to sift through the BS and drama, but it can be the difference between winning and losing.

In regards to a subscriber forum, I have been a subscriber for 3 years and would definitely appreciate a forum to discuss the paid content. There are many times that I have read an article and had a question but it didn't seem important enough to send a message to the author.


For those who are wondering whether the subscription is worth it or not - only my opinion - but Jene Bramel, Matt Waldman and Sigmond Bloom's content make it all worthwhile. I play in a few lower end ($150-$200) leagues, so a $30 annual fee for just an MD's opinion (Jene) would easily justify the expense. Please tell me where else you are going to find a doctor giving insight on the fantasy impact of injuries.

I also look a rushing/passing matchup info but take the weekly projections with a grain of salt. The NFL is so unpredictable that tactical (weekly lineup) decisions are a coin flip many times, especially with WR3's and Flexes.

I've been a subscriber for many years, and will continue to do so for as long as I have an interest in fantasy football. There are several elements of the subscription which make it worth the price of admission. Several of them have already been listed, the contest in particular. I will add one which hasn't yet. The draft/lineup dominator apps are the most convenient way for me to see my league at a glance. The information is organized far better than any other league I've belonged to.

But the most important reason for me is to support Joe and David. They put out quality information for dirt cheap, continually upgrade their product, and have customer service bar none. That's the kind of business I want to succeed, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Subscriber for several years now. Don't post a whole lot though

Wound up here mostly for the IDP content. This year I used the Draft Dominator. Great tool, I had downloaded it before just for some predraft rankings, but really learned how to use it this year

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Honestly, keeping this as real as possible, the forums and some of the content that gets posted here as a non-subscriber is what got me to subscribe.

Just a few posts away from this, you'll notice Lammey and Bloom are doing another FREE podcast which as a non subscriber gives you a taste of what the subscribers get. I don't think it makes any business sense to change what's working great if you ask me. I'm sure I'm one of many when I say the way it is right now is great. The Shark Pool, as with many large internet forums, goes through its problems but all that aside it's a great selling tool with little snippets of content here and there.

Maybe it's just me though.

Not a subscriber, but I've posted regularly in the past few years when my schedule allows.

I've entertained it multiple times and haven't pulled the trigger because as others have mentioned, information is freely available to those that care to dig for it on their own, and until this year I was a poor college student. I'll probably sign up next year, especially if the forums prove to be worth sticking around for.

I subscribe, occasionally post in SP, I do frequent the FFA, and get enough out of my participation in the boards as a whole to think of my subscription as supporting the forums as much as anything. I do read a few articles weekly, and participate in the subscriber contest each year.

At this point in the fantasy football life-cyle, information is so readily available that I am not sure any "expert" provides significant value. :shrug:

Subscriber (Scrictly for the 35K contest-not content) and post a bit in the SP. Used to love the FFA, but not much time anymore to keep up on all of the aliases and i.fights.

Subscriber for a while now, but rarely use the paid content anymore other than the contest. I don't see any reason to have a separate forum for subscribers. You would just end up with two forums with the same discussions.

I feel a much, much better idea would be to separate out the dynasty content into another forum. I haven't done any redrafts in a few years so many of the threads (buy high, sell low, waiver pick ups, etc) are somewhat useless to me, although they would be great if they focused only on dynasty.

If you play in multiple money leagues or play fanduel being a subscriber pays for itself. It's a no brainer. I post here only if I feel I have something to offer.

My profile page shows that I've been subscribing since 2005 -- feel like I've been a subscriber for longer than that though (not sure if that's just when that started keeping track of the account -- or was it free before that? I can't remember now).

I've been around these parts since the Old Yellow board days. Called myself a frequent poster, but I probably post more in the FFA and Baseball forum these days.

I have been a subscriber before. I still spent most of my time here in the SP rather than reading subscriber content. I mainly just subscribed before to pay for using the SP.

Part of the reason why I would not spend time reading subscriber content is because I found that most of it had already been pretty thoroughly covered in the SP as soon as news broke. By the time something that might interest me was published in subscriber content, the issue was already old hat.

FBGs has been culling posters from the SP for a long time, adding them to staff. This has the effect of making SP content decline. If this is by agreement or the new staff members just decide to not post in SP anymore is not clear to me. But it makes sense from their perspective I suppose to get paid for the time instead of just sharing in the SP for nothing. The debate and discussion may not be as good though. So staff use alias to check the SP at times I think in their information gathering for some content they may be working on.

One thing I always liked about Anarchy is he would bring some of that content he felt needed more debate/discussion into the SP. Which I do think makes for a better overall discussion. But may be frowned upon by other staff.

There are many journalists and other knowledgeable people who post here in the SP who are not FBG staff. To get breaking news I have not found a better resource. If something is worth talking about or is news, it almost always makes it here to the SP pretty quickly after it happens (is about to happen).

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Yes. I am 3 and 0 because of the draft dominator. Dont have time to spend on this hobby so paying fbg to do it for me is totally worth it. I also use that new 10 minute feature thing they just started offering for setting my line up.

Subscriber and poster. (for some time)

I use the content just as much as anyone else would use any site.

I like the daily emails and updates, plus the software is what brings me back..

Good site, and well worth the money spent to subscribe..

I'm a non subscriber because I don't play FF. At one point, even though I don't, I thought of subscribing to check out more of the advanced statistical content and analysis. FBG has a lot of talent on their site, real top notch talent. I always recommend this site to those I know personally and on the web who play FF who don't know about FBG.

What got me here was the Pool. I find a lot of the content from posters informative. Of course I post in the threads that aren't "pure" FF talk, and I can see how some don't find value in those threads, but 'open' football discussion mixed in with the FF discussion is beneficial to both the site and those who don't play FF. After all, it's still football talk, and what better way of free advertisement having quality free discussion to draw those who don't play it in?

I used to be a subscriber about 2 years ago, then didn't feel the need to be so anymore. I found their draft articles on rookies very informative but weekly projections are a bit hit and miss, as with most sites so I go with my gut. Draft Dominator is a very handy tool and I used it for all my drafts when I subbed. I have a lot of spare time on my hands and work from home so I have the NFL game pass and spend a lot of time watching the games during the week and using what I see instead of what somebody else sees. I would recommend it for the content as it is definitely some of the best on the internet.

I post in the forums when I see fit but not a lot.

I too subscribed up until a couple years ago. That is when I realized no amount of help is ever going to win me a championship. Also a little disgruntled about the lack of in season and off season dynasty and rookie rankings leading up to rookie drafts.

This is my 1st year having a FBG subscription. I got it for free for Beta testing their Draft GM Android App. I will say I've been impressed with their content. One of the thing I really like is their 10-second primer that they have every week for each of my teams. Definitely helps when making Start/Sit decisions since it's based on my league's scoring and not just random rankings. I also liked all the content leading up to my drafts this year. I felt really well prepared going in.

I've been a subscriber for a while now, never felt like it wasn't worth it. The subscriber content is usually really good, the contest is a lot of fun, and I love DD. I began subscribing because of the pool though. I still remember reading up on Priest Holmes neck injury here at the pool, and trading for LJ before the news was mainstream. That alone got me poking around the site, trying out a sub, and doing so every year since. Some of the best info does come free though, from the podcasts, and the pool here.

As far as posting, I'm not a big poster. I jump in on some Lion's discussions, and occasionally on discussions I have a strong opinion on, but for the most part I read. There is a lot of good info on these boards, just have to filter some of the noise.


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