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Are You Guys Shopping Reggie Bush? (1 Viewer)


For those Bush owners in leagues where you can protect 2 or 3 players who are in the thick of a playoff run are you looking to move Bush? He will miss up to 4 games but who is going to start him that first week until we see how he comes back. So 5 games without a solid #2 could derail any playoff hopes.

I am thinking of trying to trade him to one of the 1 or 2 win teams for a lessor RB and decent WR with the pitch of get yourself a long term stud to protect. This is a PPR so even after this week Reggie was the #1 scoring RB.

Let's hear what you other Bush owners are doing. Is this type of surgery hard to come back from? Does he hold any value the rest of this year?

I'm holding, since I don't have depth concerns at RB. That's assuming someone else doesn't present me with a good deal.

I'll note that I do tend to screw myself often enough but I traded for him in a PPR/KRPR league. I'm 7-0 and stacked at RB. Considering his returning yardage and receptions he is much more often than not the leading point scorer in the league. That said I gave way to much – Westbrook/Buck/L.Moore/Urlacher for Bush/S.Morris/M.Moore/K.Curtis.

If I didn't have the depth I wouldn't have done it. But if he's back even in 6 weeks I'll feel like I did the right thing. The odds of Westie staying healthy are always up in the air. I have him on some team every year and he's always banged up (but always finishes strong -- oops?)

Start 2 -no flex-

RB: MJD/C.Johnson/Rhodes/L.Johnson/M.Moore/S.Morris/R.Bush

Just acquired him in a trade in a dynasty league and talking to MJD owner to move him straight up for him. Not sure it's going to happen. 0.5 ppr.

I was shopping him in a 0.5 ppr league before the injury because I thought he maxed out in value with all the PR TD's. Now its not really worth it. I'll hold and hope he has a good first game back - then might be the time to strike.

I am in a Keep 2, non-PPR league and am trying to acquire Bush. The Bush owner's other primary RBs are Lynch, and J. Stewart (who has a bye in week 9) so he is hurting right now. I offered him Lendale straight up for Bush and he is pondering it. I figured with Lendale's good week and upcoming matchup v Indy he may go for it. I can wait for Bush to get back since I have Slaton, Grant, Chris Johnson, and Rhodes as my other RB's.

I own him in a league where I have a good shot at going deep into the playoffs. Bush plays Det week 16. No way I trade him.

If you own him and don't have a good shot at the playoffs and you need to improve your team, he could be worth a lot to a contender.

traded Wayne and Torain for Bush and J.Walker today in a PPR redraft...

I got MJD and T.Jones at RB and Marshall, Calvin and Berrian at WR, so I think Ill be OK until he gets back...good deal?

Wow Bush has a very minor injury. A meniscus tear. He will back with a burst in 3 weeks. Sorry for everyone who traded him unless you have better options.


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